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Eric Skiff

Soldering Party for Great (Social) Justice with HeatSeek, Thursday Oct 5, 6-9pm

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Sep 302017

Learn to solder and help Heat Seek assemble devices to track the heat in apartments and keep landlords honest! Sign up here

We need your help to solder and assemble 25 of HeatSeek’s latest temperature-logging devices. This is a simple through-hole soldering project and a good place for beginners to start and we’re happy to teach you how to solder, but we’d also LOVE help from a few experienced folks who can guide others or zip through a few devices even faster!

Heat Seek‘s mission is make the city a safer, warmer place to live for all New Yorkers. Heat Seek helps tenants resolve their home heating issues by providing the objective, reliable temperature data they need to hold their landlords accountable. Working closely with tenant organizers, public interest attorneys, and city officials, HeatSeek installs proprietary temperature sensors and offers technical expertise to assist low-income tenants in documenting when their landlords fail to provide adequate heat during the wintertime. By focusing on tenants at risk being forced from rent-stabilized and other affordable housing, Heat Seek ensures that sensors are placed with the tenants who need their data the most.

If you’re able to come help, please sign up so we know how many helpers to plan for!

Sep 142012

Adafruit is joining us along with the Raspberry Pi Foundation for our upcoming event on wednesday, and they’ve offered up an amazing Raspberry Pi shaped goodie backpack filled with accessories. The event is sold out but if you have an awesome project that you want to bring, and think you have a shot at winning this awesome prize from Adafruit, tell us about your project in the comments, and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in 🙂

Here’s the info from Adafruit’s blog

How can you win? We’re going to give this away to someone at the NYC Resistor event on September 19th. If you’re going to the event you need to show up with a cool project made with a Raspberry Pi in some way. Ladyada and Becky will pick a winner, so make sure you show up with something really cool that shows what you can do with a Pi, looking for ideas? Check out tutorials and Pi day here.


Aug 152012

NYCR <3 Pi

The Raspberry Pi foundation is stopping at NYC Resistor on their Hackerspace Roadshow. Come and join us for an evening with talks and hands-on time with the Raspberry Pi. Special guests from Adafruit will be joining us as well, with some of the awesome stuff they’ve designed for making your Pi even more tasty.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, insanely cheap mini computer. It combines a 700mhz ARM processor, a GPU, hardware h.264 decoding, and a bunch of GPIO pins for interacting with the real world, all for about $25. The Pi was designed with students in mind, but there’s tons of potential for interactivity, robotics, and art when you can literally afford to build the computer into your installations. Continue reading »

May 172012

A few years ago, I released an 8-bit album called “Resistor Anthems” under the Creative Commons Attribution license (which means people can download and use the album however they like for free, even in commercial projects, as long as they give credit). Since then, songs from the album have been included in various games, apps, and as background music on videos and podcasts.

I loved making the music, but I love seeing other people use it as part of their creative works more. The latest game to use one of the “Resistor Anthems” is cute, really well done, and a ton of fun. It’s also embeddable, so I figured I’d share it here! If you enjoy it, please let the developer know! The game’s below the cut.
Continue reading »

Apr 042012

First person to correctly guess what this is in the comments gets a free ticket to our upcoming Interactive show on May 19th!

Just a normal night at @NYCResistor

Another view of the device at NYCR

Don’t forget, we’re taking submissions for interactive art pieces in the show now! The theme is “physical meets digital” – so we’ll be extra happy to hear about interactive art that doesn’t make use of screens or projectors, but all submissions are welcome!

Email submissions to [email protected]

Mar 262012

The piano box is a (somewhat polyphonic) paper toy synthesizer with 12 keys, each triggering a tone and an LED. The keys are a set of capacitive sensors, made of copper tape, controlled by an Arduino Mega running the CapSense and Tone libraries. The code for this project, written by Will Byrd and Catarina Mota, can be downloaded here. Please note that the current version of the Tone library has some problems on Arduino 1.0. so it’s best to use version 23 or earlier.

The libraries used are available here:

Music: Chibi Ninja – from Resistor Anthems by Eric Skiff

Mar 202012

Ranjit Bhatnagar of (and NYCResistor Member) shows us his Laser-cut Whistles and talks about his Instrument-a-Day project.

Learn more about “Instrument-a-Day” here:

Source files for the laser cat whistle here:

Music: “Digital Native” by Eric Skiff – available free here:

Feb 142012

A few days ago, one of our newest members, @dustynrobots shared a link to some amazing Valentine’s day cards with the rest of the group.

These amazing Valentine’s day cards for makers by Steve Hoefer are sourced from old public domain US Patent Office. They’re awesome and hilarious, and have inspired us to make a few things.

First, it got me to make the ecard site that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Postkin’s GeekCards are free, funny ecards for the geeky people in your life. These cards were so amazing, once Steve agreed to let me use them, I had to get the site built in time for Valentine’s day!

Now that the site is built, I’ll be adding more geeky ecards for other events soon! It’s also flash-free and built on web standards so you can actually view the cards when you get the email on your phone.

Hope you enjoy the ecards, and if you have ideas for other geeky ecards we can create, please let me know!

In the meantime, Trammel has been working away on letterpressed editions of these cards on our Intaglio press. Hopefully we’ll have some more pictures of the process and finished cards soon!

Valentine's day cards

Trammel has a great writeup on using the letterpress, but if we pester him in the comments and maybe he’ll do a post about the process of making these plates and some of the other amazing new stuff he’s been up to with the letterpress lately!

Feb 082012

Raphael Abrams shows us his Freelance “Puncher” time tracking device. After trying many different methods for keeping track of his hours, Raph created this little puncher to easily clock in and out of his freelance work.

Check out the code and schematics here:

Music: Eric Skiff, Resistor Anthems – HHavoc Loop