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Sep 302017

Learn to solder and help Heat Seek assemble devices to track the heat in apartments and keep landlords honest! Sign up here

We need your help to solder and assemble 25 of HeatSeek’s latest temperature-logging devices. This is a simple through-hole soldering project and a good place for beginners to start and we’re happy to teach you how to solder, but we’d also LOVE help from a few experienced folks who can guide others or zip through a few devices even faster!

Heat Seek‘s mission is make the city a safer, warmer place to live for all New Yorkers. Heat Seek helps tenants resolve their home heating issues by providing the objective, reliable temperature data they need to hold their landlords accountable. Working closely with tenant organizers, public interest attorneys, and city officials, HeatSeek installs proprietary temperature sensors and offers technical expertise to assist low-income tenants in documenting when their landlords fail to provide adequate heat during the wintertime. By focusing on tenants at risk being forced from rent-stabilized and other affordable housing, Heat Seek ensures that sensors are placed with the tenants who need their data the most.

If you’re able to come help, please sign up so we know how many helpers to plan for!

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