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Sep 142012

Adafruit is joining us along with the Raspberry Pi Foundation for our upcoming event on wednesday, and they’ve offered up an amazing Raspberry Pi shaped goodie backpack filled with accessories. The event is sold out but if you have an awesome project that you want to bring, and think you have a shot at winning this awesome prize from Adafruit, tell us about your project in the comments, and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in 🙂

Here’s the info from Adafruit’s blog

How can you win? We’re going to give this away to someone at the NYC Resistor event on September 19th. If you’re going to the event you need to show up with a cool project made with a Raspberry Pi in some way. Ladyada and Becky will pick a winner, so make sure you show up with something really cool that shows what you can do with a Pi, looking for ideas? Check out tutorials and Pi day here.


  6 Responses to “Bring an awesome RasPi project Wednesday and win this amazing goodie bag from Adafruit!”

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  1. My roommate and I made traffic light in our apartment controllable via a web interface and the pi. Pretty fun for parties. We also wrote a few other apps that would change the light based on tweets of the word ‘fireworks’ and based on the bass of whatever music is playing 🙂

    We’d love to come Wednesday!

  2. The bag is cool, the stuff inside…jaw dropping. I’m sticking to the post I made as ‘yetanothermike,’ in that I’d probably clip on a usb keyboard, some sort of lcd monitor, add a battery, and go around with a belt top computer. Of course, I’d include a camera, which means that baby would need a usb hub… and a case to hold it all. hmm. creeping featurism is setting in…

  3. i’m working on creating a larger than life-size, eight-armed, mechanized shadow puppet inspired by my grandmother, that jerks and twists away from an approaching person. the puppet will be part of the dumbo arts festival this year (sept 28-30), on view at the bose pacia gallery. i have completed hand-cutting all the individual parts for the puppet and am now in the process of working out the electronic and robotic components. i’m really new to this part and could really really use some advice! i would LOVE to come on wednesday!

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