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Feb 142012

A few days ago, one of our newest members, @dustynrobots shared a link to some amazing Valentine’s day cards with the rest of the group.

These amazing Valentine’s day cards for makers by Steve Hoefer are sourced from old public domain US Patent Office. They’re awesome and hilarious, and have inspired us to make a few things.

First, it got me to make the ecard site that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Postkin’s GeekCards are free, funny ecards for the geeky people in your life. These cards were so amazing, once Steve agreed to let me use them, I had to get the site built in time for Valentine’s day!

Now that the site is built, I’ll be adding more geeky ecards for other events soon! It’s also flash-free and built on web standards so you can actually view the cards when you get the email on your phone.

Hope you enjoy the ecards, and if you have ideas for other geeky ecards we can create, please let me know!

In the meantime, Trammel has been working away on letterpressed editions of these cards on our Intaglio press. Hopefully we’ll have some more pictures of the process and finished cards soon!

Valentine's day cards

Trammel has a great writeup on using the letterpress, but if we pester him in the comments and maybe he’ll do a post about the process of making these plates and some of the other amazing new stuff he’s been up to with the letterpress lately!

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