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NYC Resistor offers fun, interesting, and cheap classes!

Check out our Class Listings page and our Google Calendar for upcoming classes and events.

Renting a space in NYC is not cheap, and classes are how we are make rent. We’d love your support!

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  1. Newsletter signup no longer works

  2. Subscribe not working again. 🙁 Please fix me.

  3. above classes email notification is BROKEN – word up !

  4. please fix subscribe!

  5. I get a 404 after submitting my email address. Help!

  6. Still boken

  7. I tried to sign up and it is broken

  8. am interested in some classes ..i try to subscribe 12 times what do i do

  9. still broken

  10. what age group is allowed can somebody please answer. i have been searching in the comments for hours. Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Fareed,
      At the bottom of some of the class descriptions it’s mentioned that all NYCResistor classes are 18 and up.

  11. Id like to participate in the Arduino 101 class on October 19th. How do I enroll? Thanks.

  12. Currently I’m using a Raspberry Pi A+ with wifi cam and to control several 5DVC outputs to micro-gear-motors. This is a robotics project. I need to further miniaturize the Pi or create similar capability in a small package. Can anyone out there help or point me in the right direction?

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