NYC Resistor offers fun, interesting, and cheap classes!

Check out our Class Listings page and our Google Calendar for upcoming classes and events.

Renting a space in NYC is not cheap, and classes are how we are make rent. We’d love your support!

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  • Fixed.

  • Matt

    Newsletter signup no longer works

  • dani

    Subscribe not working again. 🙁 Please fix me.

  • Scott

    above classes email notification is BROKEN – word up !

  • daniel

    please fix subscribe!

  • KJ

    I get a 404 after submitting my email address. Help!

  • Anon

    Still boken

  • I tried to sign up and it is broken

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  • Kenny the geek

    am interested in some classes ..i try to subscribe 12 times what do i do

  • dlee

    still broken

  • Fareed

    what age group is allowed can somebody please answer. i have been searching in the comments for hours. Thanks in Advance

    • with.calm

      Hi Fareed,
      At the bottom of some of the class descriptions it’s mentioned that all NYCResistor classes are 18 and up.

  • Sam Seawright

    Id like to participate in the Arduino 101 class on October 19th. How do I enroll? Thanks.

  • Me

    Currently I’m using a Raspberry Pi A+ with wifi cam and to control several 5DVC outputs to micro-gear-motors. This is a robotics project. I need to further miniaturize the Pi or create similar capability in a small package. Can anyone out there help or point me in the right direction?

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