Apr 042012

First person to correctly guess what this is in the comments gets a free ticket to our upcoming Interactive show on May 19th!

Just a normal night at @NYCResistor

Another view of the device at NYCR

Don’t forget, we’re taking submissions for interactive art pieces in the show now! The theme is “physical meets digital” – so we’ll be extra happy to hear about interactive art that doesn’t make use of screens or projectors, but all submissions are welcome!

Email submissions to party@nycresistor.com

  • bvac

    Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

    • yetanothermike

      At first glance, it looked like the platform that Obi-Won stood on to turn off the tractor beam, as seen from below.

  • Is it a zoetrope? Where those lights become a display, for words / low bit depth images?

  • PistachioPony

    It’s obviously a hot dog warmer.

  • A new drum for a clothes dryer. Clearly, my clothes are tired of tumbling dry in the dark and need a purple nightlight.

    • yetanothermike

      Dryer, yes, but I susspect it is for paper or posters. Just guessing, of course.

  • Jordan Bunker

    That looks like a gigantic zoetrope projector…

  • Daniel Arvidsson

    My first guess was a zoetrope, but I wasn’t first to guess 😉

  • Negative9graphics

    Its a antenna.

  • Dalek incubator. Look at the light patterns.

  • Billteud

    360° projector?

  • Josh

    I’d guess it’s a sort of projector – the outer drum rotates fast, and the lights on the post are synced with the passing windows such that viewing through the windows gives the appearance of a moving object =)

    • mw124816

      Eadweard Muybridge

    • yetanothermike

      Uh, a starship engine, that uses the ambient atomic hydrogen in space as fuel? (If so, why isn’t anyone taking that baby out for a cruise of the solar system?)

  • Peter Heinrich

    Cyanotype exposure wheel?

  • Hackerspace Thailand

    Volksgarden – a rotating hydroponics system with what looks like LED grow lights in the central hub. The plants would rotate around the light source, being brought past the nutrient reservoir at the bottom – it spins at a pretty slow rate. Technically though, Tony Buser below was right when he  said ” hydroponics ferris wheel.”

  • yetanothermike

    Does the purple tint of those photos suggest that ultraviolet light is at work here?
    ( I doubt if its a fashion statement 😉

  • Bob nolte

    Frame and heater for launching hot air balloon

  • damian decaires

    the LED is using a red blue color- this pattern offers the widest possible spectrum therefore i imagine this is being done for a reason – plants need wide spectrum and this is the only way to get it with LED – hydroponic ferris wheel is likely correct

  • Keith

    My first thought was also projector like Josh mentioned.  Since that was already offered,  I will say a strobe light.

  • yetanothermike

    Okay, I give up. And considering it is past the May 19 dead lion, I suspect none of our guesses was the correct one. What is it?

  • Diggit

    Infrared clothes dryer

  • Twfreestuff

    It is a Omega Volskgarden ebb & flow hydroponic growing system made in Vancouver Canada