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Feb 182015

21st Century Fashion Kit

If you’ve ever wanted to make something thermochromatic, electrochromatic, or inflatable with laser cut lace, a custom RGB LED silk flower, and antique conductive thread then check out my new 21st Century Fashion Kit collaboration with sparkfun. Here’s a look at what you can make:

The kit was two years in the making since some of the items were hard to come by. So I am excited about the selection of experimental materials it offers. In the kit you will find:

Inflatable Materials- Inflatables are my favorite thing to send down the runway, because they transform and change shape when the blower is turned on. I like to prototype inflatable shapes by fusing together a certain type of plastic tablecloth with a traditional clothes iron. Included is a tablecloth with a lace pattern, battery, and fan. Instructions for creating inflatables are on the kit website.

Sapphire Blue Thermochromatic Pigment- that can be mixed with nail polish, paint, clay, etc. to make colors that change with varying temperature . I chose a very specific shade of blue (similar to Yves Saint Laurent’s #18 Blue Majorelle nail polish), that when mixed with red to create purple or orange to create taupe, or yellow to create jade, will create shades that are on trend.

Electrochromatic Materials for many of the pisces necklace trend- The MOSFET power controller, conductive thread, and battery you will need to make your thermochromatic design electrochromatic (changes color with electricity). Tutorial is also on the kit page.

RGB LED Silk Flower- handmade by a 4th generation, family owned silk flower manufacturer in the garment district.

Laser Cut Lace Leather Skull- Everyone should have the opportunity to play with something laser cut. I designed the lace with holes sized specifically to fit around 5mm LEDs, because laser cut things are even better when blinky.

Antique Conductive Thread- I love to look through trim supplier warehouses for unused antique/vintage stock. I spend the day digging through piles of boxes. One day I found a box of shiny antique thread from the 1930’s that felt cool to the touch, which made me think that it might be conductive. Sure enough it was, with very low resistance! My jewelry manufacturer tested the thread, and believes that it is gold plated. I find it amazing that something from the 1930’s is perfect for integrating technology with fashion today.

And some violet LEDs, coin cell batteries, and needles…

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Dec 012010

Join us Thursday Dec. 16th at 7pm for a screening of BETWEEN THE FOLDS with director Vanessa Gould for an in depth look into the world of origami. Following the screening will be a paper folding craft night (we’ll supply the paper!).

Origami may seem an unlikely medium for understanding and explaining the world. But around the globe, several fine artists and theoretical scientists are abandoning more conventional career paths to forge lives as modern-day paper folders. Through origami, these offbeat and provocative minds are reshaping ideas of creativity and revealing the relationship between art and science… BETWEEN THE FOLDS chronicles 10 of their stories. PBS

Thursday, December 16th
NYC Resistor

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Jun 252010

In honor of Field Day we’ve teamed up with our friends at Adafruit Industries, MAKE, and MakerBot to create some special offers for ham radio operators. While we are throwing our ham party for Field Day, our friends will be offering discounts on kits, books, tools, and other goodies. We hope that Field Day will be a great opportunity for the hacker and ham communities to get to know each other.

Adafruit Industries is like the Hendricks of the hacker community. They have fantastic kits ranging from retro Russian display tube clocks to TV-B-Gone a high power remote that can turn off TVs everywhere (like in noisy bars). Adafruit will be offering a 10% discount on their kits from June 26-27 for all licensed hams. Just enter code “HAMS” at check out and in the comments include your callsign.

MAKE Magazine is the hacker’s version of QST. MAKE Magazine has projects, profiles makers, and shows tips and tricks. MAKE is offering a 20% discount off of everything in the MakerShed including books, kits, and tools. From 6/25-6/27 enter discount code “HAMHACKER” and your callsign in the comments (one time use, not combinable, no minimum purchase).

MakerBot Industries is the first place to sell homebrew 3-D printers. And since the printers are homebrew, they are actually affordable (kind of like some of the early radios kits). MakerBot is offering a 5% discount on MakerBots. Email your callsign this weekend to [email protected] to get the discount code.

You can win prizes from Adafruit, Maker Shed, and MakerBot at our Ham Radio Party this Saturday June 26th from 8pm-1am.

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Jun 232010

This past Sunday, DJ Eric Beug took the ham radio for a test drive. As Dave Clausen, W2VV made Morse code contacts on the air, Eric remixed the ham radio’s audio into dance music. Eric will be DJing from 11pm until 1am at our Field Day party, Hackers and Hams Unite! on June 26th.

In addition to the awesome prizes from Adafruit and Makerbot we will also be giving away 3 copies of Make: Electronics, 3 copies of Getting Started With Arduino, 3 copies of the current issue of Make, and… drum roll… 1 Make: Components Pack 1.

Here is a video of our 10pm demo: Using a low power amateur radio transmitter and a simple light bulb receiver circuit, we see how radio waves and electromagnetic induction transmit energy and signals wirelessly through the air. We also see how dipole and Yagi antennas radiate their energy in different patterns.

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Jun 152010

ARRL Field Day is June 26-27th, it is a national event during which radio operators promote ham radio by setting up stations and transmitting in parking lots, open fields, etc. To celebrate, we are throwing a ham radio party where we will be making contacts, giving demos, and dancing. Remember, hams were some of the original hackers.

When: June 26, 8pm-1am
Where: NYC Resistor, 87 3rd Ave., 4th FL., Brooklyn, NY
Cost: Free
Drinks: BYOB

Preparty Class:
6pm-8pm: Learn to Solder by Building an Arduino Morse Code Oscillator, cost $90, register


8:00pm – 1am: Transmitting on the HF Bands
TBD: Talking to Satellites
8:30pm: Old School Radio Goes New School Digital
9:15pm: Scanning Fun, listening on local fire departments, police departments, zoos, parks, lifeguards, and airport frequencies
10:00pm: Powering a Lightbulb with Radio Waves
11:00pm-1:00am: Ham Radio Dance Party, Dj Eric Beug will remix beats live out of transmissions made by ham radio operators sitting on the stage

Sorry kids, unfortunately for insurance reasons we can only allow guests ages 18+ and NYC Resistor is not a handicap accessible space.

Door Prizes:
Like all ham events we will be giving away awesome door prizes from MakerBot Industries 3-D printers, Adafruit Industries, and Make Magazine. Our sponsors will also be offering special Field Day discounts for ham radio operators.

Adafruit’s Ice Tube Clock Kit is just one of the prizes up for grabs. In honor to Field Day, Adafruit will be offering a 10% discount on their kits from June 26-27 for all licensed hams. Just enter code “HAMS” at check out and in the comments include your call sign. MAKE Magazine is offering a 20% discount off of everything in the MakerShed. From 6/25-6/27 enter discount code “HAMHACKER” and your callsign in the comments (one time use, not combinable, no minimum purchase). MakerBot Industries MakerBot is offering a 5% discount on MakerBots. Email your callsign this weekend to [email protected] to get the discount code.

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Nov 072009

Take our vacuform machine class Nov. 16th and create your own machine to make custom shapes like the one above, modelled around the Conga 5090 system.

If you’ve ever wanted to create a quick one sided mold, a nice case for your latest electronics project, a handle for that raygun, or a body for that RC robot that’s lurking around the garage you’ve probably wanted to use the magical powers of vacuum forming. In this class we’ll put together our own vacuum forming jigs using laser cut parts (provided with the class) and learn to use them. We’ll use some heat guns and the assistance of a shop vac to get everything working and we’ll all come back with awesome little plastic replicas that will impress even the most discerning IRC channel. Everyone will take back their own vacuum forming jig but will need a vacuum cleaner and a heat gun to operate it at home.

Sunday, November 15, 2009 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Class + Material fee is $120 (which is very cheap for a vacuform machine)
Sign up here

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Oct 182009

I am working on a project, which uses science and technology to create make-believe fashion in real life. These might be clothes that have blooming flowers, living clothes that breathe, change color, transform. Each Monday, has a new video that introduces a technology like inflatables, deployable structures, muscle wire and microcontrollers. The viewers are leading the design. At the end of each video is a design question. Answers are used to create designs for Fairytale Fashion. The finished garments will be presented in a fashion show in early 2010.

Here are the first two videos on biomimetics and deployable structures.

How do you imagine Fairytale Fashion using miura-ori structures?

Think about runway clothes and accessories. Which details would be really neat as deployable structure

If you are in NYC, please join us for the Fairytale Fashion Design Lab to help us design Fairytale Fashion. This is a free event at Eyebeam Open Studios that is open to all ages.

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Apr 302009

I will be bringing a bit of Project Runway to NYC Resistor on May 10th when we host Fashion Hacking: Open Working Studio. Come and hack fashion with us. BYOC (bring your own clothes) and we’ll have the tailoring tools, sewing machines, conductive thread, LED’s, soldering irons, and the Laser Cutter to help you hack clothes into fashionable technology. Fashion designers and hardware hackers will be on hand to help you.

This is an open working studio which means that you are free to circulate, work on your own project and look at other projects. Come to session 1, come to session 2, come to both sessions.
Session 1, 1-3 pm, $20
Session 2, 3-5 pm, $20
Buy tickets:

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