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Fairytale Fashion

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Oct 182009

I am working on a project, which uses science and technology to create make-believe fashion in real life. These might be clothes that have blooming flowers, living clothes that breathe, change color, transform. Each Monday, has a new video that introduces a technology like inflatables, deployable structures, muscle wire and microcontrollers. The viewers are leading the design. At the end of each video is a design question. Answers are used to create designs for Fairytale Fashion. The finished garments will be presented in a fashion show in early 2010.

Here are the first two videos on biomimetics and deployable structures.

How do you imagine Fairytale Fashion using miura-ori structures?

Think about runway clothes and accessories. Which details would be really neat as deployable structure

If you are in NYC, please join us for the Fairytale Fashion Design Lab to help us design Fairytale Fashion. This is a free event at Eyebeam Open Studios that is open to all ages.

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