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Jun 232010

This past Sunday, DJ Eric Beug took the ham radio for a test drive. As Dave Clausen, W2VV made Morse code contacts on the air, Eric remixed the ham radio’s audio into dance music. Eric will be DJing from 11pm until 1am at our Field Day party, Hackers and Hams Unite! on June 26th.

In addition to the awesome prizes from Adafruit and Makerbot we will also be giving away 3 copies of Make: Electronics, 3 copies of Getting Started With Arduino, 3 copies of the current issue of Make, and… drum roll… 1 Make: Components Pack 1.

Here is a video of our 10pm demo: Using a low power amateur radio transmitter and a simple light bulb receiver circuit, we see how radio waves and electromagnetic induction transmit energy and signals wirelessly through the air. We also see how dipole and Yagi antennas radiate their energy in different patterns.

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  1. Omg! Beug shaved off his moustache!

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