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Nov 092009

FoxNY shows that we are helpful hackers, not harmful hackers 🙂

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  8 Responses to “NYC Resistor on Good Morning New York”

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  1. I feel this piece was poorly emphasized. Nothing in this video was about being White Hat, and the misuse of the term in general was a poor use of a hyped label. These 'Television Personalities' made NYC Resistor look like Yuppie Day Care. Ive been getting disgruntled calls and messages from fellow hackers and technophiles that I have been trying to get into NYC Resistor because of this piece. Another point for Mass Media making a decent group of people look like every day fools. NYCR really needs to take into consideration who comes in with a camera and how they will portray hackerspaces in general.

    There is no way in hell I can convince any of my other tech friends to come into NYCR after this one, and many of the ones I have brought in prior refuse to come back, I am starting to not blame them so much anymore.

    • I'm sorry you feel that way, Foxx.

      While the perspective of the newscasters very basic, there are a few things they're trying to communicate to their audience that I will personally stand by:

      1) Hacker is not a dirty word.

      2) There are places out there where you can learn how to take things apart, put them back together, learn from others, and share your projects. NYC Resistor is one of them.

      If you feel that amounts to something bad, you're welcome to your opinion, but from my point of view, I'd much rather be an open space where people can hack on projects, learn, and share knowledge than live up to anyone's expectations of what “hackers” should be.

      • I agree with both of your points, however I feel that this has really underplayed NYC Resistor in general, and quite a few people I have brought to NYC Resistor or have been trying to get to come in have a sour taste in their mouth now.

        Hacker isnt a dirty word coming from other hackers, then again, same is to be said for someone being called a Nigger.

        Hope to see you at the usual time and place.

        • Wow, nice piece on fox news. Congrats Diana and Hilary!

          Foxx, the issue of what it means to be a hacker is different for everyone which makes it a hot-button issue. If your friends want to take cues from fox news, we can't stop them, but I hope they listen to you and your experience over the television. If you or your friends have issues with NYCResistor, feel free to ping me off list, ok?

    • I'm impressed that Fox News even cared to discuss hacker spaces and they did the best they could with the time they had. I've been around NYC Resistor for months and have yet to figure out exactly what we are.

  2. Remarkably good press on the heels of 60 minutes' report on secret Chinese hackers cracking into the power grid to kill your babies while you sleep. Even though this isn't quite healing the wounds inflicted by popular news outlets against hacking and everything it stands for I feel any press we can get saying we're human beings with an interest in technology and not a faceless conglomerate of teenage terrorists bent on destroying America is good press.

    Props to you, Fox news, daft as it sounds.

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