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Bre Pettis


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Mar 222011

The Mozilla Labs* DemoParty is an upcoming online competition to foster artful development and exploration of Open Web technologies, taking inspiration from the classic DemoScene.

On March 30th 2011, 7pm, Tobias Leingruber** from Mozilla Labs and F.A.T. will present this project together with 2 special guests (TBA), and dive with us into the DemoScene culture and Open Web technology. Join us for a fun evening and free Pizza + Beer!

*Mozilla Labs is a virtual lab where people come together to create, experiment, and play with new Web innovations and technologies.
Crazy ideas and inspirations are encouraged as we all explore and experiment with brand new ideas in whole new ways. Mozilla Labs is about inspiring and harnessing the intelligence, wisdom, and energy of the Mozilla community; let’s imagine the future of the Web, and then let’s build it together.

**Tobias Leingruber (@tbx) is an artist and communication designer, researching in viral media, popular culture, amateur aesthetics and the future of the web.
As an advocate for openness and freedom online he has worked with many artists and organisations including the F.A.T. Lab, and Mozilla. Best known for Pirates of the Amazon, Skate the Web and his latest work FB Resistance, he has exhibited work worldwide and has been covered by the NY Times, LA Times, Wired, Spiegel, 3sat(TV) and

Mar 212010

NYCResistor has a new space and it’s beautiful and we’re nearly done fixing it up. Maybe you’ve heard that we’re having an Arduino Art Party? It’s going to be featuring the superstars of the Arduino world! This show is important because while the arduino has been a growing factor in the cutting edge art scene, an art show that showcases the full capabilities of it as the main focus of the art show has never been done. This will be a landmark event in the history of mechanized and programmable art!

So what will be at NYCResistor on March 27th from 8-12pm at 87 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn?

wind-up birds (hc gilje 2008) from hc gilje on Vimeo.

HC Gilje’s wind up birds. Cyber woodpeckers, need we say more about that?

Arron Koblin will display data crashes transformed into art. (Not pictured above)

Laura Greig‘s arduino powered painting machine.

Hernando Barragán – The creator of the wiring board will display Infomatic driven LEDs.

Things – Edith Kollath Creates Books that Breathe from Bre Pettis on Vimeo.

NYCResistor Member Edith Kolath
Jan Borches and REne Bohne’s Luminet Jacket will be on display and blinking.

Becky Stern‘s interactive embroidery will be blinking.

Oscar Torres and Jackoon the painting robot will be doing their thing.

Raphael Abrams has a twitchie. Half doll, half robot. It’s a dollborg.

Joe Saavedra – Will be displaying a jacket that has the game of life displayed over LED matrix based on your pulse!

Ok, now you know the awesomeness that is in store for you! Get your tickets now!

Jan 182010

We’re at the end of our 2 year lease at NYCResistor. We’ve grown out of our space. Classes are almost always full, the heat isn’t on on the weekends, and the walls are stacked high with projects. It’s been time to move for a while and now it’s official. We’ve signed the papers and given notice and we’re moving to an awesome new space.

The new space is really awesome. It’s about 10 blocks away from our current location and two blocks from the Atlantic Street station which is convenient for pretty much every train ever. It is almost 3x the space with two main rooms and a bunch of smaller rooms. There is a place for a kitchen although there is no kitchen in that place. We will have our own bathroom. The laser gets its own room. There is a loft already there and an archway. There is a stage with lots of room for presentations and probably an audience of 100-150. The ceilings are tin. There will be more room for more awesome.

The downsides are that there is no passenger elevator (only a very old freight elevator) and that the space needs a lot of work to get to be the cozy space we want it to be. There aren’t concrete floors like our current space, but there is a fire escape and sprinklers in the event of an emergency which is an upgrade from our current space. We get to control the heat, but we have to pay for it.

We’re excited about the possibilities and freaked out by the amount of money it is going to cost us to move so stay tuned for a fund-raising post. Over all, we’re thrilled to make more space for more hacking in 2010! We have to be out of our current place by the first of March, so expect the last two weeks of February to be a little busy in terms of our schedule. If you’ve got questions, drop them in the comments and we’ll try and answer them!

Jan 152010

Mitch Altman is in town next, and will be giving one of his famous workshops at NYC Resistor. Mitch has taught thousands of people to solder and make cool things with microcontrollers at his workshops at hacker spaces and hacker conferences and schools almost everywhere. He can teach you, too, if you like.

If you have ever had any curiosity about making something with electronics, then please join us. Anyone and everyone can learn to make cool things. And it’s fun. And easy! You can learn to make something cool with electronics in one workshop, and take your cool project home with you!

*What*: Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers! workshop.
*Where*: NYC Resistor, 397 Bridge Street, 5th Floor.
*When*: 8pm, 29-January, Friday. (It is totally OK to come late.) Stay as little or as long as you like. Most projects take about 1 to 2 hours.
*Who*: It is fun to make things in the friendly community of NYC Resistor. Come join us. All skill levels. 18 years old and up. Everyone is welcome.
*Cost*: Instruction is Free! If you use any kits, reimbursment for kit price is requested ($10 to $20, depending on kit). There will be plenty of cool kits available to build, including:

TV-B-Gone (turn off TVs in public places!)
Brain Machine (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!)
LEDcube (cool cube of blinky lights!)
Mignonette Game (play fun games!)
Trippy RGB Waves (interactive colored blinky lights!)
MiniPOV (more cool blinky lights!)
MintyBoost (charge your USB enabled gadgets!)

and for the more advanced:
microcontroller programmers (program all your AVR family chips!), Arduino clones (make just about anything!), and more.

More info on most of most of these projects is available on Mitch’s website: (click on the “maker faire” tab). If you have your own project, please bring it by and make it with us in the friendly community of NYC Resistor.

Video Stills from The Pocket Cube Project

Mitch is the brains behind Cornfield Electronics, and one of the co-founders of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco. Mitch is best known as the inventor of TV-B-Gone, but his list of great hacks and cool electronics includes a lot of other great projects. When he is not at Noisebridge building awesome and amazing things, he is on the road from hackerspace to Hacker-Con and back again, sharing his love of electronics.

Nov 022009


MakerBot grew out of the friendships forged at NYCResistor and is going to be in the best art show of the 21st century. It’s called Bits ‘N Pieces and it’ll be at Material Connexion starting on Thursday.

DATES: November 4 – December 4, 2009
HOURS: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm
LOCATION: Material ConneXion 60 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10010 T. 212-842-2050
NEAREST SUBWAYS: #6 at 28th and Park / NRW at 28th and Broadway.

Bits ‘n Pieces is a traveling exhibition of work by international designers, architects, computer scientists, and material and technology researchers. It will showcase projects still in their development stage, as well as furniture, architecture, jewelry, graphic design and products that anticipate the next phase of the digital revolution, focusing on how society is imbued with, shaped by and shapes technology. This new era will be marked by increased awareness about, and accessibility of, continuously advancing technologies and materials and the changes that we will be making in our lives through them will be not just formal but structural, not merely aesthetic but substantive, changing how we actually think about, design and build our objects and space. What will life look like based on changes that are sometimes visible to the public and sometimes invisible?

Read on for the conceptual essay. (It’s good) Continue reading »

Oct 302009


Today NYCResistor will be a temporary co-working space. It’s a thing called Jelly and it’s fun. Sign up and swing by and pull up a chair and get some work done on your laptop from 9-5. At 2pm there will be a talk about hackable hardware and platforms and if you don’t make it over for the talk, you can tune in online to listen to the talks and join the conversation.

Oct 242009

From a Ladder

Noisebridge, a hackerspace in San Francisco, is awesome. It’s a very open and wonderfully chaotic space. I have been co-hacking from here while in town and it’s got a fantastic vibe. This picture shows about half of the space. Behind me are two classrooms, a kitchen, a server room, bathroom and more rooms being built out. They have one rule: “be excellent to each other.”

I took a bunch of pictures. Check them all out!