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Jan 182010

We’re at the end of our 2 year lease at NYCResistor. We’ve grown out of our space. Classes are almost always full, the heat isn’t on on the weekends, and the walls are stacked high with projects. It’s been time to move for a while and now it’s official. We’ve signed the papers and given notice and we’re moving to an awesome new space.

The new space is really awesome. It’s about 10 blocks away from our current location and two blocks from the Atlantic Street station which is convenient for pretty much every train ever. It is almost 3x the space with two main rooms and a bunch of smaller rooms. There is a place for a kitchen although there is no kitchen in that place. We will have our own bathroom. The laser gets its own room. There is a loft already there and an archway. There is a stage with lots of room for presentations and probably an audience of 100-150. The ceilings are tin. There will be more room for more awesome.

The downsides are that there is no passenger elevator (only a very old freight elevator) and that the space needs a lot of work to get to be the cozy space we want it to be. There aren’t concrete floors like our current space, but there is a fire escape and sprinklers in the event of an emergency which is an upgrade from our current space. We get to control the heat, but we have to pay for it.

We’re excited about the possibilities and freaked out by the amount of money it is going to cost us to move so stay tuned for a fund-raising post. Over all, we’re thrilled to make more space for more hacking in 2010! We have to be out of our current place by the first of March, so expect the last two weeks of February to be a little busy in terms of our schedule. If you’ve got questions, drop them in the comments and we’ll try and answer them!

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  1. awesome news, congrats NYC Resistor!

  2. Ooohhhhhhh, a tin roof! That's one sixth of a Faraday cage! Fire up the spark generator! The klystron! The Tesla coil!

    Man, it sounds like you guys are having a great time. I wish I lived in Brooklyn … or that I lived somewhere large enough to support a hackerspace.

  3. sounds great, can just imagine what's possible in your new space. we just founded out hackerspace in bangkok. we got a small group, but long way to go until it's cozy.

  4. cool! 😉

    congrats for the new space!

    looking forward to see some pictures!

  5. HOLYCIRCUTS BATMAN! @NYCresistor is going to have a presentation space for 100 – 150 people!

  6. Wow, congrats! That's awesome to hear!

  7. Congrats guys!

    *Now even more jealous that I don't live in NYC

  8. Congrats on your new space! Sounds freaking awesome! I hope to be able to drop by between HOPE and Defcon next summer. Hack on!

    -jc from

  9. I can only speak for myself, but I think if you put out an APB on moving day, you'd get an army of mutants to come help out for the cost of pizza.

  10. Congrats, NYCR!

  11. Congrats, NYCR!

  12. So I take it that classes will take place at the OLD space until the move? Just double-checking 'cause it would suck to get up on a Saturday AM, haul butt out to DUMBO, and then realize that I was in the wrong place. 😀

  13. Close to Atlantic Avenue is great! Now I can take the train from Long Island in.

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