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Mar 212010

In addition to artworks using the Arduino, the first prototype of the original Arduino from the collection of Massimo Banzi will be shown.

Works include a lineage of variations, modifications and relations to the Arduino microcontroller:
Hc Gilje
Aaron Koblin
Laura Greig
Hernando Barragán
Edith Kollath
Jan Borchers & René Bohne
Becky Stern
Oscar G. Torres & Jackoon
Raphael Abrams
Joe Saavedra

Curated by Alicia Gibb, based on the work of her master’s thesis

RSVPs are appreciated:

March 27th, 2010  8-12pm
87 3rd Avenue, 4th floor

Thanks to Shelby Arnold for designing the invite.

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  1. Wow, sorry but I like this even poster, cool. It's like old school style, isn't it?

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