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NYCResistor has a new space and it’s beautiful and we’re nearly done fixing it up. Maybe you’ve heard that we’re having an Arduino Art Party? It’s going to be featuring the superstars of the Arduino world! This show is important because while the arduino has been a growing factor in the cutting edge art scene, an art show that showcases the full capabilities of it as the main focus of the art show has never been done. This will be a landmark event in the history of mechanized and programmable art!

So what will be at NYCResistor on March 27th from 8-12pm at 87 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn?

wind-up birds (hc gilje 2008) from hc gilje on Vimeo.

HC Gilje’s wind up birds. Cyber woodpeckers, need we say more about that?

Arron Koblin will display data crashes transformed into art. (Not pictured above)

Laura Greig‘s arduino powered painting machine.

Hernando Barragán – The creator of the wiring board will display Infomatic driven LEDs.

Things – Edith Kollath Creates Books that Breathe from Bre Pettis on Vimeo.

NYCResistor Member Edith Kolath
Jan Borches and REne Bohne’s Luminet Jacket will be on display and blinking.

Becky Stern‘s interactive embroidery will be blinking.

Oscar Torres and Jackoon the painting robot will be doing their thing.

Raphael Abrams has a twitchie. Half doll, half robot. It’s a dollborg.

Joe Saavedra – Will be displaying a jacket that has the game of life displayed over LED matrix based on your pulse!

Ok, now you know the awesomeness that is in store for you! Get your tickets now!

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  1. This just made my day much brighter. Thanks a lot. Something else I across was this a look!

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