Learn KiCad!

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Feb 162024

Learn the basics with Resistor member Raphael Abrams. We will create schematics, generate custom libraries and design a simple but complete physical layout, ready to order. February 28, 10AM.

Sign up here!




Feb 202013

We are pleased to announce that Shelby Arnold, paper engineer and pop-up artist extraordinaire, will be joining us for Make-Along:  Paper Edition.  Be driven insane by the non-euclidean forces at work as Shelby Arnold demonstrates her ability to create a third dimension from a sheet of, what was until now, merely two dimensional paper. She bears the mystifying mark of the POP UP BOOK and she will share her bent, nay, folded visions with YOU.

But have no fear!  Behind these folded spaces and twisted geometries of this hidden universe is a delightful workshop in paper crafting.  Open your mind to origami, kirigami and book binding in a comfortable and fun setting, for only they will protect you from the horrors of plain old flat paper.

Make-Along:  Paper

Saturday, February 23, 1 to 4pm, $10 (Includes materials, tools and treats)

Click here to reserve your seat.

Dec 072012

Introducing Make-A-Long, a new monthly crafting event at NYCR.  Make-A-Long is a self-guided craft workshop where participants learn new skills, explore new materials and make great things!

In this session we’ll explore the wonderful world of felting using carded wool (also known as wool roving).  Using water or needles, wool roving can be manipulated to form a myriad of different shapes.  Learning how to felt means you can make things like:  felted soap, felted creatures, felted jewelry, felted ornaments and more!

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry! We’ll provide instructions and materials for a variety of projects.  Facilitators will be available to help guide you through a project of your choice.

Are you a master? Bring a project, use our materials and hang out in a great space while doing what you love.

Sign up here: Make-A-Long:  Felting With Wool Roving, December 15, 5-8pm

Aug 142012

SMT is here to stay, so let’s all just get on with it and learn how to use these tiny things. You can make better, faster, cheaper, more durable, smaller and neater projects. Bonus: you will feel like a great big giant.

Resistor member Raphael Abrams will be teaching an introductory course this Sunday at 3PM. Come on down and get modern!

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Just look at this accelerometer datalogger! It's got a 40Mips uC, a 4MB flash, RGB LED, RTCC, and a battery to last a week, all in about 1.5 inches. And it can be thrown against a wall without breaking. Half the parts on here are only available in SMT packages.



May 112012

Me oh my, it sure is nice out. Better get inside and do some learning! Come on down to NYCR for CLASSES!

Intro to JavaScript on May 12: Dominate the web with one of the web’s dominant languages. Javascript!!!

Introduction to Electronics on May 26: Harness the endless power of the ELECTRON! Really, how can you resist this.

Paper Engineering on May 26: Go beyond simple popup designs and learn secret techniques from the professionals. Also, crazy fun.

Arduino Basics on May 3 and again on June 23: Let’s get you rolling with some embedded microcontrollers. Start making intelligent objects with the powerful yet simple to use Arduino!
Intro to WordPress Workshop June 24: WordPress is a how good blogs are made. Sign up!




Feb 182011

99 bottles of beer

The fabulously awesome Brewshop class is back this Sunday! We’ll teach you all the basics to get you up and running while brewing a batch of beer. You’ll learn about extract brewing, malts, grains, yeasts and how to avoid or troubleshoot the most common problems. All reference materials will be provided as well as a home brew sample for tasting! We’ll have starter kits available for purchase.

Beginners welcome!

Taught by Douglas and John.

Sign up for this class at EventBrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1217909801

Soft Circuits

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Dec 302010

We’re doing another session of our Soft Circuits class! Learn to make functioning electronic circuits using conductive threads and fabrics. You will leave with samples of the materials we use in the class and a warm glow in your heart. Or in your pocket. Beginners welcome!



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Apr 272010

The latest branch in my career as a wandering hacker: puppetcircuits.

I’m working with puppeteers here in New York on some full scale robotic puppet heads. This is a new field for me, so I decided to document it and share what I learn with the community. It’s going to be a mix of electronics, robotics, sculpting, sewing and crafting. There’s a lot that I’m going to learn!

Sep 272009
gettin' some learnin'

I don’t know what to say. I’m getting all choked up. It’s just… I’m overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of this huge list of wonderful classes we have here. I think I’m going to cry. I’ll do my best:

Introduction to Electronics — the standard in getting yourself primed and ready to make awesome things even more awesome. With electricity!

Radio and Antenna Design — Can you believe we even have this class? Amazing!

Bender 101 — Learn to express yourself in 3D, either on the screen or in real solid objects.

Sob sob! Hold on… I’m OK… ahem,

Fire the Lazzzor! — Lasers! Real big giant zappy cutty lasers! Master the power of LASERS!

Electrocardiogram! — Romance and precision instrumentation join together to give your electronics some heart.

Joule Thievery — Get a lot from a little. Squeeeze those electrons and make them do your bidding.

Arduino/Soldering 101 — Double up! Learn so much in one session that your head will pop!

Build Your Own Retro Computer — Are you getting this? Build your own computer. From parts that are not already a computer. This is power.

Cry, cry, honk! Sniff. Running down my face are tears of joy! I’m so glad we had this talk.

Jul 292009


This weekend there are four nifty classes in which to swell your brain full of fabulous information! Whee!

Back by popular demand, Arduino Web Server. An amazing trick that you ought to know:   http://www.eventbrite.com/event/379352654

And for beginners with the desire to make a beautiful and professional electronics project we have Printed Circuit Board Design with EAGLE CAD:      http://www.eventbrite.com/event/393349519

Like lasers? How about lasers that can cut things? Well, we have one and we will teach you how to use it! I know! Amazing!    http://lazzzor.eventbrite.com/

Hey you! How about a nice cheap beginners soldering class? You’ll feel great!    http://www.eventbrite.com/event/397488900

This is gong to be an amazingly educational weekend!