Apr 232009


Raphael here! I’m the guy who’s always running around helping out at Craft Night. I love running open events, but Craft Night has gotten too big. So we’re going to split it in two neat pieces: Craft Night on Thursdays and Study Group on Wednesdays.

Thursdays are going to be more focused on crafting and things one does with their hands: sewing, knitting, soldering, drawing, painting, fashion hacking, lab-coat enhancements, etc. Bring a project or be prepared to help out on someone else’s! (Cookie donations welcome. Help yourself to the cookies.)

Now, about Study Group. Exciting! This is going to be an informal get together for anyone who wants to share or collaborate on developing skills and making things. It’s not a class, and there will not be an instructor, but there will be someone to guide the group. There will be a topic for a given night.  Topics will include electronics, math, SCIENCE, security, programming, and more. The first one, Beginners Programming for Android, will be next Wednesday the 29th, from 6PM to 9PM. Then on May 6th there will be a Blender 3D study group.

So, in summary:

Craft Night RETURNS TONIGHT! More crafty than ever, still cookie donations only.

Study Group BEGINS next Wednesday, and is $5. Cookies included? Yes.

See you there!

Apr 222009
gettin' some learnin'

gettin' some learnin'

Introduction to Electronics!

Got a gadget tumbling in your subconcious that needs electrical life? Don’t know where to start? Start here! This class is perfect for the absolute beginner who needs some practical electronics knowledge.

From the description:

“No theory here! Just instantly useful and very simple circuits. Learn about motors, light bulbs, resistors, switches, buttons, solenoids, batteries, power supplies and more. Safety will also be covered. The student will leave the class with a kit of useful parts for experimentation at home.”

Sign up now! May 17th at 2PM

Dec 162008

We have a pretty neat class coming up this Saturday. It’s a beginners look at powering small devices with very small energy sources. Not only will you be saving the world, but you’ll learn a thing or two about electronics along the way! From the class description:

Using the most basic components, you too can gather electricity from a light breeze or a tiny solar cell.  We’ll cover generating power from wind, from simple bike generators and from light, and we’ll each build a simple boost circuit to convert small voltages into useful power. Gather year-round data on the top of a mountain! Make an immortal LED throwie! The possibilities are endless!

Taught by Raphael Abrams, Saturday from 1 to 3 at NYCR

Sign up here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/235889552

Solder cheap!

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Dec 152008
Our first class!

Once again we are offering our basic soldering class. But for the holidays we’ve dropped the price from $35 to a mere $20. This is insanely cheap. We have gone insane.

This Sunday at 2PM:   http://www.eventbrite.com/event/234648841

Oct 272008

Ready to do the (seemingly) impossible? Of course you are! Take the “Joule Thievery” class here at NYCR. From the class description:

“A Joule Thief is a simple electronic circuit that can extract useful work out of a very feeble power source. It can be used to extend the life of batteries, gather power from a dimly lit solar cells or a tiny windmill. It’s a fascinating device, and is very easy to build. You will learn about transistors, inductors, diodes, LEDs and more! This is a great introductory course for absolute beginners.”

Click here to sign up.

$25, taught by Raphael Abrams

Ages 12 and up wlecome!