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Apr 272010

The latest branch in my career as a wandering hacker: puppetcircuits.

I’m working with puppeteers here in New York on some full scale robotic puppet heads. This is a new field for me, so I decided to document it and share what I learn with the community. It’s going to be a mix of electronics, robotics, sculpting, sewing and crafting. There’s a lot that I’m going to learn!

Sep 272009
gettin' some learnin'

I don’t know what to say. I’m getting all choked up. It’s just… I’m overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of this huge list of wonderful classes we have here. I think I’m going to cry. I’ll do my best:

Introduction to Electronics — the standard in getting yourself primed and ready to make awesome things even more awesome. With electricity!

Radio and Antenna Design — Can you believe we even have this class? Amazing!

Bender 101 — Learn to express yourself in 3D, either on the screen or in real solid objects.

Sob sob! Hold on… I’m OK… ahem,

Fire the Lazzzor! — Lasers! Real big giant zappy cutty lasers! Master the power of LASERS!

Electrocardiogram! — Romance and precision instrumentation join together to give your electronics some heart.

Joule Thievery — Get a lot from a little. Squeeeze those electrons and make them do your bidding.

Arduino/Soldering 101 — Double up! Learn so much in one session that your head will pop!

Build Your Own Retro Computer — Are you getting this? Build your own computer. From parts that are not already a computer. This is power.

Cry, cry, honk! Sniff. Running down my face are tears of joy! I’m so glad we had this talk.

Jul 292009


This weekend there are four nifty classes in which to swell your brain full of fabulous information! Whee!

Back by popular demand, Arduino Web Server. An amazing trick that you ought to know:

And for beginners with the desire to make a beautiful and professional electronics project we have Printed Circuit Board Design with EAGLE CAD:

Like lasers? How about lasers that can cut things? Well, we have one and we will teach you how to use it! I know! Amazing!

Hey you! How about a nice cheap beginners soldering class? You’ll feel great!

This is gong to be an amazingly educational weekend!

Apr 232009


Raphael here! I’m the guy who’s always running around helping out at Craft Night. I love running open events, but Craft Night has gotten too big. So we’re going to split it in two neat pieces: Craft Night on Thursdays and Study Group on Wednesdays.

Thursdays are going to be more focused on crafting and things one does with their hands: sewing, knitting, soldering, drawing, painting, fashion hacking, lab-coat enhancements, etc. Bring a project or be prepared to help out on someone else’s! (Cookie donations welcome. Help yourself to the cookies.)

Now, about Study Group. Exciting! This is going to be an informal get together for anyone who wants to share or collaborate on developing skills and making things. It’s not a class, and there will not be an instructor, but there will be someone to guide the group. There will be a topic for a given night.  Topics will include electronics, math, SCIENCE, security, programming, and more. The first one, Beginners Programming for Android, will be next Wednesday the 29th, from 6PM to 9PM. Then on May 6th there will be a Blender 3D study group.

So, in summary:

Craft Night RETURNS TONIGHT! More crafty than ever, still cookie donations only.

Study Group BEGINS next Wednesday, and is $5. Cookies included? Yes.

See you there!

Apr 222009
gettin' some learnin'

gettin' some learnin'

Introduction to Electronics!

Got a gadget tumbling in your subconcious that needs electrical life? Don’t know where to start? Start here! This class is perfect for the absolute beginner who needs some practical electronics knowledge.

From the description:

“No theory here! Just instantly useful and very simple circuits. Learn about motors, light bulbs, resistors, switches, buttons, solenoids, batteries, power supplies and more. Safety will also be covered. The student will leave the class with a kit of useful parts for experimentation at home.”

Sign up now! May 17th at 2PM