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Feb 202013

We are pleased to announce that Shelby Arnold, paper engineer and pop-up artist extraordinaire, will be joining us for Make-Along:  Paper Edition.  Be driven insane by the non-euclidean forces at work as Shelby Arnold demonstrates her ability to create a third dimension from a sheet of, what was until now, merely two dimensional paper. She bears the mystifying mark of the POP UP BOOK and she will share her bent, nay, folded visions with YOU.

But have no fear!  Behind these folded spaces and twisted geometries of this hidden universe is a delightful workshop in paper crafting.  Open your mind to origami, kirigami and book binding in a comfortable and fun setting, for only they will protect you from the horrors of plain old flat paper.

Make-Along:  Paper

Saturday, February 23, 1 to 4pm, $10 (Includes materials, tools and treats)

Click here to reserve your seat.

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