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Oct 232015

I carved this here Benedict Pumpkinpatch during another year’s Pumpkin Hacking session, come along and we can show you how, too!

Hello pumpkins! It’s that time of year again!

This year it’s BRING YOUR OWN PUMPKIN, because for some reason people at our space don’t enjoy hacking around rotting piles of pumpkins in the days following our little get-together.

We will also be snacking on holiday themed foods (candy corn and pumpkin seeds, anyone?) and watching spooky (but not scary) movies. JOIN US!

1:00PM – 4:00PM

Tickets are $10, purchase them here:

Apr 132015

NYCResistor member Alicia Gibb has an amazing project up on Kickstarter!


Reserve your Build Upons to build this cute robot now:

Build Upons are awesomely tiny light up bricks that are compatible with LEGO® bricks! The Build Upons system has three types of bricks: an LED brick, a power brick, and a bridge brick. Light the LED bricks by connecting them to a Power Brick – you can design pathways with as many Bridge Bricks as you need for ultimate flexibility. Build Upons LED bricks are based on 1×1 bricks to create elegant designs. You don’t need to know electronics to use these bricks, you simply build, just like you’ve always done! This is the newest in STEAM products brought to you by a woman-owned company!

Dec 112014

Join us this Saturday, December 13th, at 1-4pm as we dump our hoards of paper out on the table and make a bunch of things out of it!

Tickets are $10 here:

Things you can work on (and which we can help you with) at this Make-Along are:
Holiday Cards, All Occasion Cards, Book Binding, Pop-Ups, Paper Sculptures and objects, Automata, Origami, Kirigami, Gifts for Mommy, Paper electronics-y, and who knows, maybe we will bring some potatoes and rubber erasers for doing some fun+cheap printmaking (oh right we also have an intaglio press if you want to get fancy).
Bring your own paper and tools OR come use ours, we have a lot. Never used an X-Acto before? We can teach you! Scared of paper cuts? We have lemon juice for that! Just kidding, that stings. Neosporin is what you want. Lemon juice makes a fun invisible ink though, maybe you want to try that instead. Just put a band-aid over your paper cuts first.

We are also offering a special Make-A-Long Pass that will give you (or a loved one) access to all of next year’s Make-A-long workshops – a $120 value for just $75. Get ready for another Nail Art Make-Along in January!

Who is running this Make-Along?
Shelby Arnold – a professional paper engineer in the studio of Robert Sabuda (fancy words for pop-up book designer) and amateur bookbinder. She also plays with paper electronics and paper clockmaking.

Colleen AF Venable – a professional book designer and lover of tiny handmade books, from mini-comics to zines. She just finished art directing a two foot tall paper craft book with Workman Publishing on making giant paper machines—like diggers, trucks, dirigibles—with moving parts. She really likes the word dirigible.

Feb 202013

Hello fellow makers! On Sunday I launched an Indiegogo campaign for an accordion folded booklet with pop-ups and illustrations that I’ve been working on for about 6 months. I’m pre-selling copies so that I can afford the initial printing fees. Please consider buying one if you like my project! Here’s the link:

I had a lot of fun putting this piece together, pop-ups are the best!

By the way, if you like pop-ups too, you might want to come to our Paper Make-Along this Saturday, Feb 23, from 1-4pm. I’ll be there, and I’ll have a mockup of the concertina if you want to take a look at it in person. Besides pop-ups, we’ll also have origami, bookbinding, kirigami, and more!


Oct 052011

Are you interested in book arts? Have you always wanted to bind your own books? Or design pop-up books? Did you know we now have an intaglio printing press at Resistor? Guess what! We’re having a super-mega DIY Book Arts workshop on October 8th from 1pm to 5:30pm where you can learn about ALL those things!

Class cost is $125 – this includes your materials. We’ll teach you some different book binding techniques, cover a bunch of paper engineering mechanisms, and even give you an introduction to printing with the Intaglio press (one of its abilities is letterpress-style embossing!). Not bad for a single afternoon!

Register on eventbrite!

This afternoon workshop is taught by NYC Resistor members Shelby Arnold (myself) and Alicia Gibb.

(Pictured above – a version of River Song’s “spoilers” book I made for myself the other night.)


Apr 082010

Hello all! Just wanted to remind you that the Paper Engineering class is this Saturday at 1-3pm. If you’d like to learn how to design pop-ups and paper mechanisms, come check it out!

This isn’t a template based class – in other words I won’t be making everyone cut out and build the same pop-up flower or anything. Instead I will be teaching the actual basic mechanisms and principles we use in the industry! You will learn how you can push the limits and build mechanisms upon each other to make any design you so desire.

Class is $40, includes materials. Register at

DIY Paper Engineering, Saturday, April 10 from 1-3pm

87 3rd Avenue,
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217

New Sign!

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Mar 262010

Our new space is pretty amazing, but there was one thing we still needed. We are on the 4th floor of our building, and the stairs were a little hard for first time visitors to find. We had a temporary remedy:

but obviously this would not do as a permanent installation, especially with our big event on Saturday!

So here is the new sign.

Thanks to Ryan for help with the circuit design, and thanks to Adam for the Arduino code (yes the Arduino is overkill but we decided it was appropriate considering the theme of the art show!). Let me tell you, this sign was fun to make!

Adam wrote the Arduino code in about 2 minutes, and here it is:
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Jan 302010

I came across this crazy looking broccoli at Brooklyn Fare and I was so fascinated I had to pick one up and bring it to Resistor. We took some photos under the microscope (thanks to Ryan for letting me borrow his camera)!

Various people that I’ve shown this thing to have said “oh I’ve seen those before” BUT I HADN’T.

Oh man these things are cool. Fractals all the way down!

Apparently it’s called Romanesco Broccoli. More info at wikipedia:

Any commenters have any knowledge on these crazy vegetables to share?

Dec 052009

Many thanks to those who came to the paper engineering class today, it was tons of fun! I was especially impressed by how everyone took the principles they were learning and jumped off into their own experiments. Check out some of the gorgeous results below! (Thanks to Ranjit for the photos)


If you can’t tell from the photos, all of these structures can collapse and pop-up again.

Great work everyone, we’ll definitely have to do this again in the future!