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Dec 052009

Many thanks to those who came to the paper engineering class today, it was tons of fun! I was especially impressed by how everyone took the principles they were learning and jumped off into their own experiments. Check out some of the gorgeous results below! (Thanks to Ranjit for the photos)


If you can’t tell from the photos, all of these structures can collapse and pop-up again.

Great work everyone, we’ll definitely have to do this again in the future!

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  1. Thanks for an awesome class!

  2. wow!…. what are some of the applications for this? structural modeling? i mean besides pop up books.

  3. Sure! The principles in these foldable paper mechanisms can also translate to other materials, as long as you account for the thickness/weight of the material.

  4. Please, could you let me know when will be the next paper engineering class? I'am very interested in. Thank you very much!

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