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Dec 112014

Join us this Saturday, December 13th, at 1-4pm as we dump our hoards of paper out on the table and make a bunch of things out of it!

Tickets are $10 here:

Things you can work on (and which we can help you with) at this Make-Along are:
Holiday Cards, All Occasion Cards, Book Binding, Pop-Ups, Paper Sculptures and objects, Automata, Origami, Kirigami, Gifts for Mommy, Paper electronics-y, and who knows, maybe we will bring some potatoes and rubber erasers for doing some fun+cheap printmaking (oh right we also have an intaglio press if you want to get fancy).
Bring your own paper and tools OR come use ours, we have a lot. Never used an X-Acto before? We can teach you! Scared of paper cuts? We have lemon juice for that! Just kidding, that stings. Neosporin is what you want. Lemon juice makes a fun invisible ink though, maybe you want to try that instead. Just put a band-aid over your paper cuts first.

We are also offering a special Make-A-Long Pass that will give you (or a loved one) access to all of next year’s Make-A-long workshops – a $120 value for just $75. Get ready for another Nail Art Make-Along in January!

Who is running this Make-Along?
Shelby Arnold – a professional paper engineer in the studio of Robert Sabuda (fancy words for pop-up book designer) and amateur bookbinder. She also plays with paper electronics and paper clockmaking.

Colleen AF Venable – a professional book designer and lover of tiny handmade books, from mini-comics to zines. She just finished art directing a two foot tall paper craft book with Workman Publishing on making giant paper machines—like diggers, trucks, dirigibles—with moving parts. She really likes the word dirigible.

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