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Jun 132015

The call for submissions to the Open Hardware Summit is now open!

This year’s Open Hardware Summit will be back in the States in Philadelphia, PA on September 19, 2015. Now in its sixth year, OHS brings together an inquisitive and active community of open hardware hackers, manufacturers and theorists for a full day of talks, poster presentations, and after hours socializing. If you have not been before, come. If you have been before, isn’t this the year you should submit a proposal to share your knowledge and perspective?

Proposals will be reviewed in a double-blind process by experts in the field and the roster of speakers determined by July 31, 2015.

Read the detailed call for submissions for instructions on submitting a proposal.

May 032012

We got a great little email on Sunday asking if our Vendy was available for public dispensing. There happened to be a pile of us here hacking on Sunday afternoon, so Nicole dropped by, fed $15 into Machine Uno and get herself a teensy board. On Thursday, Shanshan came round to Craft Night and we got to see what they made:

They didn’t get any action shots of the teensy 🙁 . Nice Arduino though.

Hacking the Gilson

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Feb 112012

Like playing chase-the-laser-pointer with a kitten.

After a couple weeks of hacking on the Gilson we have PID* control.

When we first saw the Gilson, we didn’t have access to any feedback mechanisms. All we had were panic stop modes of control. After a ton of experimentation, and Nick reading five control theory books, we are having fewer incidents in which someone yells “Holy Crap Make It Stop Before It Destroys Itself!” It’s not yet a null set, but the cardinality is significantly reduced.

<cue loud bang>

* proportional integral derivative

Dec 232009

Mr Mustache
Photo by Will Sherman/ANIMAL

Two or three of your friendly neighborhood hackers helped beautify New York this morning with the opening of the second annual “Holiday Gift to NYC Show” curated by Mat Benote and Jordan Seiler. Among the pieces not to be missed were Jessica Jade Jacob’s “Mr. Mustache”.

Read all about it and see more of Will Sherman’s terrific photos on ANIMAL

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Nov 052009
Crazy Rave Lights in Williamsburg

Crazy Rave Lights in Williamsburg

We’re always happy when another hackerspace kicks off. AlphaOneLabs got together in July over on Maspeth in Brooklyn. They’ve been running Solder Sundays, much to the benefit of young and old. Like our friends to the South at HacDC, AlphaOneLabs applies the radical inclusion design pattern. Mostly though, we like them for statements like: “[B]ring lasers! We have laser controlled lights!”

Check them out at their Grand Opening party on Friday night.

It’s hard to believe our other neighbors to the (slightly more) North at have been modifying toilets to twitter for over a year now.

Apr 092009

Nick and Alicia worry that their ninja glove messages might get intercepted.

Back in December 2008, the awesome teaching team of Kate Hartman and Rob Faludi ran a workshop on Wireless Wearables. On May 3, they’re doing it again.

The workshop covers what wireless is and isn’t (”calling it wireless is about as accurate as calling it tomatoless”), how to choose materials for soft circuits, and common problems when configuring the XBee. The materials fee means you’ll walk home with your own LilyPad XBee board, an XBee radio, a battery pack, and whatever it is you’ve sewn it into.

Sign ups are open now:

Dec 142008

Nick & Alicia Showing their new Ninja XBEE Skills

The awesome teaching team of Kate Hartman and Rob Faludi ran a workshop today on Wireless Wearables. They covered what wireless is and isn’t (“calling it wireless is about as accurate as calling it tomatoless”), how to choose materials for soft circuits, and common problems when configuring the XBee. They rolled out the new Lilypad XBee mount, designed specifically for radio communication on your personal area network. Now your hat can tell your shoes what’s going on up there.

Folks paired up and got wireless morse code working with just a Lilypad, an XBee, a 9v battery and one LED. No microcontroller required. The circuits were stitched into gloves for secret chatter among hackers: the perfect communication method for CW conversant ninja HAMs.

You can watch two test circuits light each other up and check out a closeup of the Lilypad Xbee after the jump.
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Dec 112008

Snyderphonics Manta

Jeff of Snyderphonics dropped in the other day to lazzzor up some silicon gaskets for the Manta. He was beset by a crowd as soon as we noticed what he had. The manta is a 48 pseudo-pressure sensitive interface with two touch sliders across the top. It’s built into a freaking gorgeous wooden box.

Jeff and his cohort use it as a music interface. Me, I’d run my magical mansion of the future off of it.
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Mr. Fusion

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Dec 062008


We headed to Orchard Street on the island last night, planning to check out the Gizmodo Gallery. It was late when we got there and the gates were down. We were just about resigned to pressing our noses to the glass and gazing longingly at the lego death star when we spotted the time traveling DeLorean wedged up to the sidewalk. Josh Haldeman traded it for his Honda. Clearly he made the right choice. We jumped in the machine with every intention of hacking in, but had insufficient time. The fearless owner had to quit the Lower East Side for a game of Extreme Connect Four.
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