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23 /09 /2008

Canuck Hackers Hacking Aboot

You may remember Canadia as the red terror of the north. Whose imperialistic aspirations once lead them to invade the United States without any evidence or accusation of wrong doing. But today, I’m going to write not about the unbridled threat to our freedoms that these loyalists bring to the table… but about the awesome hack space that’s starting to really get rolling in Toronto. is housed in the kensington area of toronto above a bar. Seth Hardy and Leigh Honeywell have been working tirelessly for months to see this place get off the ground and from the looks of it they are very nearly close to success. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more from these guys. Especially if they start stock piling on siege weapons and molson ice for an impending invasion of the colonies.

Read more about them at their site:

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  • Alex

    This is exciting. I hope for everyone’s sake that if they got any of this going with a government grant that the Convervative government does not come to power again due to this recent announcement from the leader of the Conservatives saying average people don’t care about the arts, and that is why they are cutting $45 MILLION from the arts.

  • byron sonne

    WTF does hacklab have to do with politics? But I’ll bit.

    Umm, the average person doesn’t care much about the arts. Ask around. And I’m not sure the government should be supporting the arts anyways… let the gov’t stop taking money from my pocket, so I can give it to the art/artists I choose.

    Democracy is tyranny of the majority, my friend.

    Vote conservative – time to end years of corruption and waster courtesy of the Liberal party.

    You could vote NDP or Green, but you might as well throw your vote away, since they’ll never get into power.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Oh boy. Given what's happened today in Toronto, before the G20, it sounds like Byron's passion for the cause got the better of him.

      • Hddhfg

        I was just thinking the same thing. Radicalism at it's finest.

        • Matt

          I wonder if he challenged the crown, or just ended up perusing the wrong selection of books on amazon.

  • byron sonne



  • Matt

    You should be focusing on rising up and forcing off the yoke of serfdom. Your country is based off a system of government derived from watery tarts lobbing scimitars at people.

  • Byron Sonne

    Gah, yah, I wasn’t 100% there when I posted, haha 🙂 Stupid politics and fat fingers of mine.

    Oh believe me, I know our government is full of crap. Some days it is staggering…

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