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Jeff’s 48 Touches

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Dec 112008

Snyderphonics Manta

Jeff of Snyderphonics dropped in the other day to lazzzor up some silicon gaskets for the Manta. He was beset by a crowd as soon as we noticed what he had. The manta is a 48 pseudo-pressure sensitive interface with two touch sliders across the top. It’s built into a freaking gorgeous wooden box.

Jeff and his cohort use it as a music interface. Me, I’d run my magical mansion of the future off of it.

Jeff Snyder and Lazzzor Cut Gaskets

These are the silicon gaskets which sit under each of the 48 touch interfaces. Unlike many things we lazzzor here, this stuff did not smell bad. (Everything in the Manta is ROHS compliant.) The silicone dust is remarkably sticky though, so today was spent mucking out the laser cutter.

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  1. That’s awesome. Looks like harmonic controllers are on the rise.

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