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What is NYC Resistor?

NYC Resistor – We Learn, Share, and Make things.

NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.

We are not equipped to accept visitors outside of our public nights and events. Please come to the public nights or email us to try to set up an appointment.

Current Officers

NYC Resistor is a member run organization and 501(c)(3). Its current officers are:

  • Raphael Abrams – President (current term 2022-2024)
  • Chris DiMauro – Treasurer (current term 2023-2025)
  • Katie Mills – Secretary (current term 2022-2024)

Founding Members
Bre Pettis – Instigator with video trigger finger
George Shammas – Breaks things to fix them.
Zach Smith – Rapid-prototyper and self-replicater.
Eric Skiff – Gameboy musician and crowd control.
Nick Bilton – Hardware and Frontend/CSS Ninja
Dave Clausen – Micro-hacker and structural engineer.
Raphael Abrams – Artist and keeper of the servos.
Diana Eng – Softronics.
Pat Gallagher – RPRT.

Contributing Members
NYC Resistor has roughly 50 or 60 active members at any given time.

Contact us:
contact [at] nycresistor [dot] com

Discord & Matrix
Our discord server invite link or contact us via the email above if it does not work. While we primarily use Discord, we syndicate some rooms to matrix as well! If matrix is your preferred chat client you can join us here.

Microcontroller Mailing List
Are you interested in learning more about microcontrollers and making
cool projects, or just staying in contact with the NYCR community?
The NYC Resistor Microcontroller Mailing List is a great
place to meet others with the same interest in microcontroller projects
and sharing our knowledge!

Click Here to visit the NYC Resistor Microcontroller Mailing List

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  1. Looking forward to hearing from – and posting about – NYC Resistor.

    We’ve posted a brief piece:

    But when you’ve got news – let me know.

    Jon Soroko

  2. I’m a 12 year old kid interested in robotics. I think in collage I will have a duel major in mechatronics and computer science. I am the chief engineer in my school’s (I.S.383) robotics team(skybots).I also am interested in alternative energies to power the world. I also participated the Future City Competition.For my science fair project i did alternative energies and test out a solar panal in series and a earth battery in series to see the different voltages. I live in brooklyn. If you guys have a program for over the summer. If not if i could just come and work on some projects. I really want to learn more please reply.
    [email protected]

    • Hey,

      I sent this to the email list. Not many folks read the about page comments and it would be lost there.


  3. I would reconsider the “over 18yrs” policy. There too many
    kids who need a hacker haven. Don’t take that away from them.
    For all or for none….

    •  To protect the deeper pockets of those who you want to participate in a builder/hacker/ maker space you need to become an incorporated non-profit, capable of purchasing liability insurance. The best one can hope for is a when accompanied by an adult policy when certain tools are used by younger members.

      So why would you want to attract those with deeper pockets?  More often than not, those with deeper pocket are professionals, or business owners. The sort of persons you will want to teach, and hope will donate surplus materials, serviceable tools, and so on. Then there are those in most communities who look for for places to make charitable cash donations to.  Show them that your space, is a safe place where kids can learn, and you may get in the queue. Kids can participate in a hacker space if the adults operating it act as responsible adults, who don’t allow old tired rhetoric guide their decisions

  4. Hi, I saw a video about you guys on “PRI”
    channel (youtube).
    I have some “electronics” I want to get rid
    of, like some old pentium mmx processors,
    and such.
    I was wondering if you would have any use
    for it and if so, can I just stop by any day.
    Is there a particular person I could get in
    touch with (phone #?).

    • Sell them to one of the gold reclaiming companies, they ought to be worth something at least 🙂
      Ask nicely if you can have the silicon back when they are finished as these make great cufflinks etc.

  5. See you guys at craft night tonight :]
    I'm gonna bring some ideas and drawing supplies plus I can give some pointers to aspiring artists if they need help with their drawing skills.

    I have some experience with programming and I've read quite a lot about electronics.
    I want to make a mobile bot that can paint with a painterly style.
    Eventually a team of them :]
    My Cerebot 32MX4 Microprocessor is in the mail.

  6. Anybody here make their living in electronics or is everyone a hobbyist?

  7. hello i am sunny from china,.happy to know this website.

    Good luck

  8. Can anyone give me a few book binding classes in the evening?

  9. Hey guys, love the concept. considering attending one of your classes. Just a recommendation, you might want to change the background of your website, black font on a grey background is impossible to read.

    Be well

  10. I would like to start something like this in my city. Any tips?

  11. Just wondering if “hacker” is a wise choice to use since that word has a pretty negative connotation.

    • How about we all TAKE BACK the term?? 😀

    • who cares if it has a negative connotation?  Do what you do and flip off those who say you shouldn’t.

      •  Who cares or, should care about any negative connotation with hacker? Those hackers creating or hope to use communal hacker space that could provide more sources that the majority of hackers can’t afford in their personal shop. I’m for doing what we do, but antagonizing those the ignorant in the general population who can negatively what we want to do, isn’t a good plan, IMO

  12. excuse me: ¿do you sell the arduino?

  13. Hi!
    We are in desperate need of a radio transmitter! We have a Ramsey FM 100–however it needs to have a part sodered with a surface mount weld. We only have a regular sodering iron. HELP! Does anyone know of someone who can fix it for us? Or have a transmitter we can borrow?

    • Here at Aesop Engineering, we solder in a SM with a 200W gun and half a Q-tip.  First, sharpen a 3 inch length of #10 or similar heavy wire and lash it tightly with steel wire to one of the supports for the soldering gun tip, with the sharpened end 1″ or so beyond the tip.  Contact cement the backside of the SM to the cut shaft of the half Q tip.  Puddle a tiny drop of solder on the wire, and while the flux is still smoking, hold the SM where it needs to go and voila’.  Took me an hour and a half to do one, but it did work.

  14. Hi guys. I need help to fix a power supply issue for two video headsets that will be used in an exhibition opening in 11 days time here in Manhattan. The headsets transmit and receive the signal wirelessly from the opposite pair. I need to ensure a stable battery supply for 1-2 hours for each set for the opening. Is there someone at Resistor who can sort this for me? 


  15. I want to make a airship house out of compartmentalized balloons (for safety – never crash) and float above the great pacific garbage patch and harvest plastic to recycle into making a floating city, where cleaning the ocean and making things with house sized or aircraft carrier sized makerbots can clean the ocean and build an awesome community in the process.
    any help?

  16. HI, I am in Oxfordshire England. I came to Brooklyn some four years ago in search of Hackers for good to be involved in an amazing global project where the hackers would prove the champions. ( I came back to England and got sick for a few years and now I am “back on the block”The project is necessarily in stealth mode. Therefore, I have to speak to someone in person and I have to know that this person is one with integrity. However, nobody ever got back to me no matter what I tried so I could never come and chat about the project…Not even a phone call! So I wondered if you as a group have any or some understandable policy of not getting back or some secrecy stuff that I need to understand and stops you from answering enquiries?

    What do I have to do to talk to you lot? 

    I promise this is a wonderful opportunity for hackers everywhere and for all the best reasons….JD

  17. I don’t have credit card but I have money. Where can I buy Raspberry Pi in New York City? I can’t find one anywhere.

  18. I’m confused… I keep reading articles about how this is such a great community for makers/hackers to get together and bang stuff out but from what I understand this is a members-only club with one fixed craft night a week that’s open to the public for three hours. Is there something more community oriented that one can become a paid member of and keep our own schedules?

  19. I’m looking for someone to teach an Arduino course in NYC this summer. Contact me at [email protected]. Thanks.

  20. Hey guys we are starting crowd-funding campaign on a indiegogo –
    So, we need your help, it will be huge hackerspace. Let’s rise our makers community.

  21. Are there any more classes scheduled on learning to solder for electronics?

  22. NYC Resistor is a real leader of the maker community. I don’t get your name, though. Why “Resistor”?

    • 8 years later, but I just saw this for the first time and felt like answering.

      Bre Petis and I were in CCC Cologne (C4) wanting to bring the idea of hackerspaces to New York.

      After 3 hours of looking for a domain name, was the only one that was available and we could agree upon.

      “Resistor” here means the electrical component, not to be confused with “Resister”

  23. @ksdoug I wanna visit you guys how can I get an appointment please email me [email protected]

  24. Hi, we (3 of us) have come for the NYC maker Con and Faire, from Singapore, we would like to visit NYC resistor maker space to learn more on how the NYC resistor managed your space. Unfortunately we are not able to make it on Thursday. Is it possible for us to visit you on Friday ? Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers poh beng (email: [email protected]).

  25. hi guys im visiting ny i wish to know if i can pass for your local i need some arduino stuff and a little asesoration

  26. Collaborizm, an online collaborative workspace for hackers-makers-engineers & creative, is currently hosting a virtual hackathon which is sponsored by Kandy,io, a cloud-based team communication platform and, a fast growing site for developers which has over 70,000 hacker users. Participants must use Kandy to “invent the future”; they can also display their IoT skills to try to distinguish their projects. 18 teams have already formed; see them and the details for this competition on $4500 in prizes.

  27. I am working on two projects. One is an aeroponic, aquaponic, digitally automated sustainable food system for my home and family. The other is an organizational tool I want to 3D print for personal use.

    1. I am building an aeroponic grow chamber using PVC pipe, spray misters, a plastic tub container, and a click and grow grow bed, light, and submersible pump on digital timers. A Bell siphon and an aquaponic fish tank as a reservoir. All of which I need to measure and cut holes for the plumbing and irrigation apparatus. Which I don’t have the tools for. I would also like help building a PFC_EDU Brain & Central Nervous System for the system to digitally monitor and manipulate the growing environment. Here are the build files and BOM spreadsheets.

    2. I have a QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-one2 3D Printer which I want to use to print 21 items and an inset custom shaped box for the pieces. I am having trouble printing the items the print seems to just unravel and I also am having difficulty shaping and sizing the CAD/STL files for printing. I’m unsure if I have the right heat settings and I’m just lost and confused.

    I’m willing to pay for all materials and parts needed and for membership I just need guidance and assistance completing these otherwise simple projects.

    Thank you,
    Neruda A. Williams
    Executive Director
    Harlem Comedy Festival

  28. Wow, these About page comments are a good read.

    NYC Resistor is stealth one of the best things going in NYC. Monday and Thursday craft nights open to the public. They run a welcoming and supportive place to work on all sort of crafts and projects and try new things. It’s a solid, diverse community.

  29. Just completed the “Intro To Soldering Workshop” which I enjoyed a great deal. What a great place to learn things. No question went unanswered and everything was explained in detail. Great afternoon.

  30. Would love to see the Super Mario Clouds class happen again:

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