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What is NYC Resistor?

NYC Resistor – We Learn, Share, and Make things.

NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.

We are not equipped to accept visitors outside of our public nights and events. Please come to the public nights or email us to try to set up an appointment.

Current Officers

NYC Resistor is a member run organization and 501(c)(3). Its current officers are:

  • Raphael Abrams – President (current term 2022-2024)
  • Chris DiMauro – Treasurer (current term 2023-2025)
  • Katie Mills – Secretary (current term 2022-2024)

Founding Members
Bre Pettis – Instigator with video trigger finger
George Shammas – Breaks things to fix them.
Zach Smith – Rapid-prototyper and self-replicater.
Eric Skiff – Gameboy musician and crowd control.
Nick Bilton – Hardware and Frontend/CSS Ninja
Dave Clausen – Micro-hacker and structural engineer.
Raphael Abrams – Artist and keeper of the servos.
Diana Eng – Softronics.
Pat Gallagher – RPRT.

Contributing Members
NYC Resistor has roughly 50 or 60 active members at any given time.

Contact us:
contact [at] nycresistor [dot] com

Discord & Matrix
Our discord server invite link or contact us via the email above if it does not work. While we primarily use Discord, we syndicate some rooms to matrix as well! If matrix is your preferred chat client you can join us here.

Microcontroller Mailing List
Are you interested in learning more about microcontrollers and making
cool projects, or just staying in contact with the NYCR community?
The NYC Resistor Microcontroller Mailing List is a great
place to meet others with the same interest in microcontroller projects
and sharing our knowledge!

Click Here to visit the NYC Resistor Microcontroller Mailing List

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