Mar 252008


Learn how to turn virtual 3D models into tangible paper models! This class will give you the basics for taking a pre-existing 3D model and get it ready for becoming a physical object. We will use Blender to learn to “decimate”, which gives 3D models that much sought after lo-tek aesthetic, and from there take our finished virtual forms into Pepakura. This program will “unfold” our mesh into a flat plane complete with tabs and allow us to cut, paste, and fold our way to a physical manifestation of a virtual object!

If you have previous experience with 3D and have a model you would already like to make out of paper, please come with that model. Otherwise there will be a compilation of found 3D models to choose from. Please bring a laptop with you and install Blender and Pepakura prior to arriving. We’ll be printing your models out on Card stock which will be provided but that said, please bring a glue stick, a pair of scissors, an xacto, a ruler and something like cardboard or those cutting mats so that you can make your cuts on without defacing the lovely tables in the classroom.

Sun Apr 27 12:30 – 15:30
$75 plus $5 materials fee for card stock and printing stuff out.
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  1. Hi, I found your blog via Google while searching for 3d model and your post regarding looks very interesting for me.

  2. Cool, such a huge Turkey! I hope you will ever get the possibility to print your models in 3d. We print lot’s of maquettes, scale models and prototypes using plaster. Have fun in april!

  3. I’m a Linux user, and Pepakura doesn’t work fine on Wine…

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