Participate: We like friendly people who like to think about how things work.

We are not equipped to accept visitors outside of our public nights. Please come to the public nights or email us to set up an appointment.

Craft Night happens almost every Thursday from 6:30pm until we get tired and go home. This is our main public night, stop by and meet people, share knowledge, and work on your projects. Don’t forget to bring a project to work on! Please check the calendar and read the front page of the blog for announcements and changes.

Lunar Lazzzor Night happens almost every Monday from 7:30pm until we get tired and go home. Come by and laser something up, and mingle with other like-minded lasererers. Bring something to work on! Make sure to Check the calendar and read the front page of the blog for announcements and cancellations.

We also teach classes and have occasional parties where we dress up. Come by and say hi during a public event, we’d be happy to meet you and show you around. Check our EventBrite page and our Google Calendar for upcoming events. You can also join our Facebook group and read this blog to stay informed.

Membership: Resistor is a private space in which members pay monthly dues. Membership to the core group of NYC Resistor is invite-only. If you’re interested in joining, come get to know us. We have a bunch of public events like Craft Nights and Lazzzor Nights (see above). Come and learn, share what you’re hacking on, and meet other NYC resistors. After a while if we have a space open in the group and it’s a good fit, you may be invited to be a member.

Friends of NYCR is a way for non-members to support NYCR. It is completely optional, and immensely appreciated.  If you enjoy our public events, classes, and craft nights, consider becoming a Friend of NYCR.

  • Jordan Bowden

    I listened to the whole CCC interveiw with you, and ive always been interested in this kinda stuff, i think what your doing is really, really cool, but, i live in London Ontario Canada, i wish there was something like this here!

  • Chris

    Why don’t you start one where you live?

  • Wasim Akhtar

    I am wasim akhtar, i am working in a bank as system manager. I want to joint your co. for the sake of sharing knowledge.



  • amit kumar giri

    sir i want to learn the mobile hacking process, because in this day i m too tence. because some people try to make a false call at my mobile no and every day blackmail me. so in my self i want to learn how can i keep record the mobile and the person without contact with any other orgnization

    thank you

  • Graham

    @ Jordan

    Hey fellow Ontarian? Ontonion?

    I completley agree!

    You may want to check out
    I believe they are ontario based…. if you live around Toronto

    No Worries,


  • Diego Toala

    Hi it’s nice to hear about NYC Resistor and all your work, I move to NYC , I’m from Ecuador, South America, I don’t speak English at all and I wanna participate in your community but I don’t know if there’s a problem with my English skills?

    Thank you and congratulations

    • LokiClock

      If you have a friend who speaks better English, even if they don't speak Spanish, you'll want to bring them. If you were able to type that without a translation dictionary, you'll be able to meet some people even if you don't end up getting to talk about projects.

  • Chema

    Thanks for your space, we need more of it !

  • Chema

    Thanks for your space, we need more of it !

  • bettyx1138

    the irc java client on this page no werky

  • bettyx1138

    the irc java client on this page no werky

  • markalanb

    I live in Phoenix Arizona and would like to find out if you know of a similar group out here. I work at a local theater as a set builder, actually work is the wrong word as I volunteer there to build the sets. I am always looking for ways to make sets work on a very limited budget.

    • Vandal968


      I realize that I'm replying to an old post, but just in-case you haven't found it already, there is a hackerspace in Phoenix called stop by and check us out (if you haven't already.)



  • Maleyna

    Ah! this site is not iPad friendly. The font is the same color as part of the background. Please fix. This site looks like it rules and I wanna read it!

    • kellbot

      I’d argue that the iPad is not web friendly, rather than the other way around.

      • Jason

        Where is my like button?

  • Christine Bryce

    Do I have to be a member to attend a workshop?

    • Herb

      No, you do not have to be a member. These are public workshops. Please attend!

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  • Artemis Fowl951

    Is there an age minimum for classes? Would my relatively mature 12 year old be able to participate in some beginner workshops?

    • Nicole

      Hi – I am not at all affiliated with the good folks of NYC Resistor, and I hope they don’t mind my spreading the word about my own program on their site, but the Lab for Robotics Education is organizing a free robotics summer program for NYC high school students this summer – you should check us out at and encourage your child to apply! Thanks! :-)

  • TarlSS

    Are there any classes on how to use a mill, CNC or manual? Any suggestions where I can learn to use one?

  • Joseph Chagan

    Does the Web Dev Study group still meet weekly? I don’t see it on the Calendar.

  • Kate, please ask raf, ok?

    What time are the strippers coming?

  • pbenco

    Hello, i’m ben, french user of the TMP/Lab, and i have plan to go visiting you tonight 21, around 7pm, is it possible? Should i bring some beer (french tradition, US too?). I’m a robot addict, focused on LEGO NXT & TETRIX, but 3D printing interessed me a lot, to enable new pieces not provided by LEGO, electronic based hack for new sensors, and SDR.

  • Stuart Uram

    I am working on a project to 3-D print ceramics and looking for an association with some one interested in ceramics, modelling and has mechanical skills. Not all required, I can supply some of each. Could lead to a part time or full time job.

    • eberle eberle

      I’m curious about your project. Are you making a printer ? – Joseph

  • Nicole

    Hi! NYC Resistor looks awesome. Just wondering, what happens at Craft Night? Is it sort of a hack on whatever you want event, or is there a planned activity? Should I be bringing my own materials? Thanks! (Also, @Eric Skiff – I love your music! I listen to the Resistor Anthems all the time. :-) )

    • ericskiff

      Hi Nicole! Thanks – so glad you like the tunes! :)
      Craft night is generally a time when people bring their own projects and hack around the tables and ask each other for advice and help on what they’re hacking on.

      That said, we do have a new project that’s on the wall expressly to be hacked on by craft night attendees! The Glowpanel is 40 superbright pixels of diffused color awesomeness and waiting for you to hook it up with animations, etc!

  • enrico sinatra

    Hi from Sicily, Banzi talk about you! If I will live in Ny, I will be a member of this group.

  • nightnyc

    We have a very interested project running on called We are looking for feedback of users. Please share!

  • Steve Kirkne

    This looks amazing I wish I lived in NY next time I visit ill have to stop by and show you what I do someone who is a member there email me please .

  • Erica

    Hi – does your age requirement apply to classes? With or without parents along to supervise/participate? Thanks.