Friends of NYCR


One of the awesome things about building a hacker group is the community that has grown up around us. Our members are cool and all, but our community is what makes us great.

Unfortunately keeping a hackerspace as awesome as ours running comes with some real financial costs. Rent, power, insurance… it all adds up pretty quickly. Some of our community members have asked how they can help. Therefore, we’ve created a friends of resistor area where you can give us money, and we say you are our friends! Wait, that sounds bad. Friends first, *then* money. Crap, still bad. Don’t judge me!

So what do you get for being a Friend of Resistor? Access to an amazing community of hackers and makers via our Google Group, craft night, and other public events. But wait, aren’t I already getting those for free? Well, yes. By becoming a Friend of Resistor you help make sure these events stay free, as well as give us the resources to host more open community events.

$13.37 / month. So sweet, so l33t.

If you want to be a member instead, check out this page.

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