Aug 052015

Way back in like 2008 NYC Resistor was new and fresh. We were tearing it up on the internet blogs and building pneumatic stabbing robots. We also bought our most expensive tool to date ( at the time ). We pooled our meager wages and bought an epilog legend laser cutter ( 12×24 inch model ). This thing was THE BOMB. It made our projects better faster stronger as we listened to an endless loop of daft punk while building every bad idea that crossed our minds.

In fact, Makerbot was conceived upon it’s not so gently abused bed. The first of many prototypes leading to the cupcake 3d printer, and even the first few hundred production run cupcakes were cut out of wood on this laser cutter before Makerbot was thrown bodily from the space by angry hackers ( I joke sort of ). It is quite literally a piece of technology history. It harkens back to a dark time in our history in which every hackerspace was launching a 3d printing company. We apologize for that profusely.

We’ve got the rotation arm for it! Yours free of charge with purchase. It’s fully functional last it was turned on. Works with corel draw like a champ. Has hellaciously better drivers than any comparable chinese laser cutter / etcher. We have full documentation on laser settings for it. And we’ve replaced most of the components on it. We’ve also got some cool hackery docs on it here: Command Line Lasering

We upgraded to a bigger, strong, better, faster cutter this past winter. And now this laser cutter is just taking up space we don’t really have to spare. Also, it’s not being used. So we’d like for it to go to a good home who can make use of it. You’ll have to provide your own filtration system and other safety equipment. But otherwise this is a solid entry level laser cutter / etcher. And we’ve proven only a small part of it’s dazzling array of diverse capabilities.

Please reach out to contact at nycresistor dot com if you are interested in purchasing our laser.

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Mar 222015

Chez Resistoir

We bottled our first ever wine at Resistor today. Two of our members and a couple of other folks in the community learned how to make basement wine from an honest to god bensonhurst italian.

We’ve only bottled the Monte Pulciano and the Merlot. Both came out great.


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Mar 132015


gopher:// is now live!

For those of you aching to find out more about NYC Resistor while surfing the arpanet on your mosaic browsers, fret not. We’ve got you covered. Now with our newly launched gopher services you can keep in touch with the modern era from the comfort of your golden age of technology and grand self delusion. We aim to please!

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Dec 272014

this is how you wrap gifts

As the new laser for NYC Resistor is being worked on, I am grabbing some photos of one of the last laser jobs done on the 7 year old Epilog Legend that we have gotten so much amazing use out of.

Inside of this wooden wonderment was 2 porterhouse steaks.

In 2014, we’ll be switching to the bigger, faster, more powerful Epilog Fusion model.

As I speak several resistors are hard at work reworking large parts of the space to accomodate the new beast… I am sure we’ll be seeing a blog post about that soon.

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Dec 222014


The new, bigger badder ass Epilog laser will change the way we laser etch / cut / awesome at NYC Resistor.

We have a lot of work to do to get this guy up and running. We won’t be starting for a little bit on some of that work, so laser night tonight will still be on the old epilog. Sorry!

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Dec 222014

makerbot station

My gift to NYC Resistor this year was some new shelving and reorganization of our 3d printing equipment. I’ll be doing some more work on this in the new year, but this will hold us over for now.


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Dec 182014

stickers yo

Thanks to world class blink master Matt Mets we have stickers again, hand delivered from the far side of the world. If you are by our OPEN craft night tonight, or any Thursday really, pick a couple up and be swankier than you already are.

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