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Dec 162015

B-Sides is finally coming to NYC! What is B-Sides you ask? Well it’s a volunteer driven low cost Information Security conference that’s hosted around the country. It usually follows in the wake of big name conferences such as RSA or Black Hat. But, it’s become famous for being a smaller crowd of interested researchers rather than a commercial blitz or an all out party. It’s a great conference for first time presenters and seasoned veterans alike. And when I lived in SF, it was a welcomed event that usually left me very inspired not just by the quality and innovation in the presentations, but the people I met there and the conversations that ensued as well.

NYC has only just managed to get a B-Sides event off the ground. And a few folks pushed very hard to make this happen. So, having been in some of the email threads around this. I am super excited to see that this registration opening. This is cool people!

Some of the presenters include former NYC Resistor member Dino Dai Zovi and former L0pht hackerspace member Chris Wysopal. Both legends in the infosec community, and really cool down to earth people as well.

The event will be hosted at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. For those not in the know, John Jay is where most of the NYPD got their degrees. It’s also been a helpful academic liaison for the NYC infosec scene for years. So it’s kind of awesome to see this event being hosted there.

Register Here or don’t. That’s cool too. =D

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  1. You rock Matt!!

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