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Oct 012015

The year was 1995. The place, New York. NYC Resistor would not exist for another 13 years. But, for one precious moment, NYC was alive with the sound of awesome techno, and terrible tech euphemisms.

Now hold on to your jolt cola, because NYC Resistor is going to celebrate what may be the worst best hacker film ever. Hackers of the world unite! Mark your calendars, November 14, 2015 is going to be a day to remember. Yes we’re 2 months late to the actual release date anniversary, but who cares, RISC changed everything.

We expect you to show up dressed the part. Ready to act the part. Cereal Killer fought for your rights to not be trashed, trashing this invitation would be a mockery of everything good in this world. Bring your oversized orange secure systems books! Don your roller blades. Got a hud? You might need it. We’ll be sitting here looking pretty all day waiting for you to crash our party like fifteen hundred and seven systems.

I’ve brewed a beer, and we have a couple of custom projects forming up for this event. You got a month and a half to build something to show you didn’t just get a puter for christmas! But, as long as you can appreciate the beauty of the baud, we’re glad to have you.

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