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Aug 302017

Some of the craft night visitors may have noticed me infrequently show up at resistor to work on some strange looking laptops over the past year. These laptops were 2 space flight modified NASA PGSC units. These are GRiD Case model 1530 387 units that were configured custom for the Shuttle program in 1992. I recently gave a presentation these at Def Con 25. I have also compiled on a URI listed below, all of the information that I have so far uncovered relating to these systems and others like it.

Read on for more information…

Here is the Presentation from Def Con 25:

All the information related to this presentation and the two PGSC systems discussed are now being posted to this URL:

This was a fun project and much love to everyone at NYC Resistor who helped. Especially Chris Fenton, Adam Mayer, and Trammel Hudson.

Also check out this AWESOME 1 hour interview that Computer History Museum did with the creators of GRiD on their company:

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