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Trumpcare® IUD Launch

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Sep 092019

700 Trumpcare® intrauterine devices (IUD) were created as an art installation. The exclusive product launch is at SSHH, 516 6th St. NYC on Friday 13th from 6p -9p. Afterparty: YES. Viewings will be available Saturday September 14th and Sunday September 15th from 2p-7p.

Come have a drink with us and share the anxiety.

An IUD is wrapped in copper and inserted by a doctor into a uterus.  It works by releasing copper ions into the cervix which creates a hostile environment for sperm. IUDs are more than 99% effective as a form of birth control.

700 IUDs were designed in Rhino, high-resolution 3D printed in China with SLA plastic, and hand-wound with copper. Thanks to all the supporters who came out to NYC Resistor on multiple occasions to hand-wind IUDs.

We got a little press! We love Dezeen and we’re honored to be included!

May 262015

#drowing at Art Hack Day.

#drowning at Art Hack Day: Deluge. Photo by Margarida Malarkey

The sixth annual NYC Resistor Interactive Show is coming up this Caturday at 8pm. We have an overly generous baker’s dozen artists building a show fit for both organic and robotic party goers. We mentioned a few in our previous post, and here are a few more…

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May 062015

Robotic Future Party Zone

Mark your calendars! Our annual interactive art show fundraiser is coming up on May 30th and it’s going to be totally ~cyberbananas~. New York’s partiest interactive artists will be showing off their latest explorations into the future, sometimes with robots! Tickets sell out fast, so bump it up to 88 miles per hours and reserve yours today.

Tickets available online or at the door: $15

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Mar 232015

Photo by Trammel Hudson.

Photo by Trammel Hudson.

The Interactive Show is coming up faster than Big Dog on a graphene high! This year we’ve been musing over the future and our relationship between us our robot friends. So much of our imaginations have been shoehorned into narratives of subservience (Jetsons, the Matrix) or all-out war (Terminator, the Butlerian Jihad). Why not envision a future where we party hard with our robotic friends instead? This year, we’re calling all of Brooklyn’s finest interaction artists to portray the future, preferably with robots in it, through interactive art. Here’s some footage from last year’s show to give you an idea of what you’d be in for:

This year’s show will be May 30th. If you’re interested in being part of a show, drop us a line at [email protected]! Try to get in touch by April 26th so we can make sure there’s space for your project. Hope to hear from you soon!

Mar 042015

Managing private communication on the internet is a bit like space travel: It’s not impossible but the technology involved is difficult to use. Bring your laptop and your crypto-curiosity to Resistor on March 11th, 7:00pm for hands-on help with end-to-end secure email, anonymous web browsing, and general good practices for online privacy with folks that have been using this stuff for slightly longer than most. If you’re already an uber l337 cypherpunk and have a PGP key already, stick around for a key signing and probably some snacks!