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Trumpcare® IUD Launch

Sep 092019

700 Trumpcare® intrauterine devices (IUD) were created as an art installation. The exclusive product launch is at SSHH, 516 6th St. NYC on Friday 13th from 6p -9p. Afterparty: YES. Viewings will be available Saturday September 14th and Sunday September 15th from 2p-7p.

Come have a drink with us and share the anxiety.

An IUD is wrapped in copper and inserted by a doctor into a uterus.  It works by releasing copper ions into the cervix which creates a hostile environment for sperm. IUDs are more than 99% effective as a form of birth control.

700 IUDs were designed in Rhino, high-resolution 3D printed in China with SLA plastic, and hand-wound with copper. Thanks to all the supporters who came out to NYC Resistor on multiple occasions to hand-wind IUDs.

We got a little press! We love Dezeen and we’re honored to be included!

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