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Dec 162008

We have a pretty neat class coming up this Saturday. It’s a beginners look at powering small devices with very small energy sources. Not only will you be saving the world, but you’ll learn a thing or two about electronics along the way! From the class description:

Using the most basic components, you too can gather electricity from a light breeze or a tiny solar cell.  We’ll cover generating power from wind, from simple bike generators and from light, and we’ll each build a simple boost circuit to convert small voltages into useful power. Gather year-round data on the top of a mountain! Make an immortal LED throwie! The possibilities are endless!

Taught by Raphael Abrams, Saturday from 1 to 3 at NYCR

Sign up here:

Solder cheap!

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Dec 152008
Our first class!

Once again we are offering our basic soldering class. But for the holidays we’ve dropped the price from $35 to a mere $20. This is insanely cheap. We have gone insane.

This Sunday at 2PM:

Oct 272008

Ready to do the (seemingly) impossible? Of course you are! Take the “Joule Thievery” class here at NYCR. From the class description:

“A Joule Thief is a simple electronic circuit that can extract useful work out of a very feeble power source. It can be used to extend the life of batteries, gather power from a dimly lit solar cells or a tiny windmill. It’s a fascinating device, and is very easy to build. You will learn about transistors, inductors, diodes, LEDs and more! This is a great introductory course for absolute beginners.”

Click here to sign up.

$25, taught by Raphael Abrams

Ages 12 and up wlecome!

My Cigar Box Lab

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Oct 042008

I like to hack on the go. So I made a charming little mini lab out of a cigar box and some electronic parts. It’s got a breadboard, a built-in Arduino, a couple of places to put loose parts and a control panel on one side. The control panel is the best part with LEDs, potentiometers, a switch and a button all mounted on the side of the box. I love it so!

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Aug 282008

Craft night is now Hacks and Crafts night and it’s back! Working on an autonomous glowing frisbee that tells time in six languages? Making a new dress that will solve all of Humanity’s problems? Knitting something the likes of which has never been knitted before? Robofrog? Bring a crafting or hacking project over to NYCR and hang with other hackers and crafters. Craft night is back and it’s better than ever! This week we will also have a book binding project to work on.

Thursday August 28th from 6-9 PM, right here at NYCR, 397 Bridge street , Brooklyn

Suggested donation of $5 (if you can’t afford it, come on over anyway. Free cookies!)

Classy Classies!

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Jul 072008

Beamingly happy because their brains are filled up with new KNOWLEDGE!

Why not learn something awesome from the friendly nerds at NYCR? This weekend we have three beginner classes: PHP, Printed Circuit Board Etching and Wind Micropower Workshop.

PHP is a powerful but amazingly simple language for dynamic generation of web pages. You can learn what you need to get a good foothold in just an hour and we can make that happen.

In the circuit board etching class you will design, transfer and etch copper clad circuit boards. Some drawings, a tiny bit of chemistry, and presto! Functional circuit boards!

Due to popular demand, Wind Micropower workshop is back! We’ll be making a tiny little generator that runs on wind and also cover some of the simpler techniques for power conditioning and battery charging. This class is open to ages 8 and up!

Click here for the classes page to learn more and to sign up!

S! M! T!

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Jul 012008

We had a dandy ol’ time at the Surface Mount Soldering class this weekend! We made adorable microcontroller based blinky red hearts. Yes, we’ll do anything to take the percieved threat out of SMT and bring YOU the power of the teeny tiny! There will be another session soon, so keep an eye on the calendar.

Jun 242008

There are going to be some nice easy intro classes this weekend at NYCR. Basic Soldering, Surface Mount Soldering and Intro to EAGLE. These may sound like difficult things, but we’re here to prove to you that they’re not! Let our experts gently guide you to a glittering and magnificent world of electronic bliss! Wow!

Click here to view the basic soldering class on Saturday.

Click here for the basic soldering class on Sunday.

Click here for the surface mount soldering class on Saturday.

Click here for the surface mount soldering class on Sunday.

And click here to view the EAGLE class.

Jun 032008

I’m making a really tiny board and I thought I’d share a picture of it. It’s a little tiny data gathering widget with an RGB LED on it for feedback. There’s an AVR there too. It’s 1.25″ square. I think it looks nifty!1.25\" squareq