May 072010

Let’s get lazzzoring every Monday night! Come get some work on your projects on this laser focused* open hack night.

The laser will be available on a first-ready first-served single job basis. If you haven’t been trained on the laser you will need to enlist the assistance of an operator. Look for the hacker with an eye patch.

* see what i did there?

May 052010

I really enjoyed Saturday’s “Fire The Lazzzor!” class and wanted to share a couple of pictures sent in by clever students. Herb made a tiny pizza box on 120lb kraft paper. What normally took 15 minutes by expert hands completed in just over 1 minute on the laser. Dustin made a cool acrylic cut and etch of the unofficial logo of the University of Florida’s geology department. The projects all came out really well and it was a blast to meet and work with everyone.

This weekend’s class is already sold out, but stay tuned for there’s another one on June 12th. Also don’t forget to get your costume on next Saturday!

Apr 222010

May 15th is approximately half-way to Halloween and we just can’t wait any longer. Put on your best costume and come on out for our ridiculously early Halloween party!

  • May 15th 9p-???
  • NYCR 87 3rd Ave 4th floor
  • No door charge, so BYOB.
  • Prizes for best costume and best hat!
  • Costumes are required! Wear one or we’ll put one on you!
Mar 102010

Here’s a simple paint program I made using canvas. It’s a pretty blatent ripoff of another one that a friend showed me today, but unfortunately I don’t have the URL handy. (Sorry, I’ll update in the morning!) The framework makes it pretty simple for you to add your own tools. Click on for source.

Update: Harmony was the inspiration I was looking for!

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Mar 072010

For today’s March Madness program I wanted to try to do something useful with the canvas tag. I decided it would be nice to be able to programmatically generate a background gradient for a web page based on the time of day. If you’re looking at the site in the morning the colors would be different from afternoon, sunset, midnight, etc. I created a hidden canvas tag to do my work and then used the toDataURL method to pass the resulting image to the body’s CSS. Source is below the fold.

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Mar 052010

Two programs for you for Thursday night’s entry. A crude Logo interpreter written in Javascript using the HTML5 canvas tag and a quick logo program to go with it. Now when I say crude, I mean crude.

  • You have to separate everything with whitespace because the parser is finicky.
  • All the loops are unrolled so careful with your nesting depth.
  • The only commands supported are the basics: FD, LT, RT, PU, PD and REPEAT.

That said you can still make some fun stuff with it. Source is in the “Read more”.

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