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May 052010

I really enjoyed Saturday’s “Fire The Lazzzor!” class and wanted to share a couple of pictures sent in by clever students. Herb made a tiny pizza box on 120lb kraft paper. What normally took 15 minutes by expert hands completed in just over 1 minute on the laser. Dustin made a cool acrylic cut and etch of the unofficial logo of the University of Florida’s geology department. The projects all came out really well and it was a blast to meet and work with everyone.

This weekend’s class is already sold out, but stay tuned for there’s another one on June 12th. Also don’t forget to get your costume on next Saturday!

  3 Responses to “Another successful lazzzor class”

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  1. I heart the pizza box design, is it up on Thingaverse?

  2. Hi Kelly,

    You're the second person to ask. Zach of MakerBot likes it too.

    Here it is:

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