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Mar 072010

For today’s March Madness program I wanted to try to do something useful with the canvas tag. I decided it would be nice to be able to programmatically generate a background gradient for a web page based on the time of day. If you’re looking at the site in the morning the colors would be different from afternoon, sunset, midnight, etc. I created a hidden canvas tag to do my work and then used the toDataURL method to pass the resulting image to the body’s CSS. Source is below the fold.

	function() {
		this.width = 1;
		this.height = window.innerHeight;
		gradientColorStops: {
			dawn: [0, "#413b45", 0.5, "#8c787a", 0.75, "#c39980", 0.95, "#f3a954", 0.99, "#fecb10", 1, "#f5f700"],
			morning: [0, "#2b4965", 1, "#d6b487"],
			afternoon: [0, "#1A64BF", 1, "white"],
			sunset: [0, "#4a58b9", 0.5, "#9364a8", 0.75, "#d87385", 1, "#ffa297"],
			dusk: [0, "#040613", 0.5, "#084b7f", 0.75, "#558bad", 1, "#fbbf81"],
			night: [0, "black", 0.5, "#09093b", 1, "#3330fd"],
			late: [0, "black", 0.5, "#060553", 1, "#090866"]
		colors: {
			dawn: 'black',
			morning: 'black',
			afternoon: 'black',
			sunset: 'white',
			dusk: 'white',
			night: 'white',
			late: 'white',
		hours: [ 'late','late','late','late','late','dawn','dawn','dawn','morning','morning','morning','morning',
			'night','night' ],
		createElement: function() {
			this.element = document.createElement("canvas");
			this.element.width = this.width;
			this.element.height = this.height;
			return this.element;
		context: function() {
			return this.element.getContext("2d");
		getText: function() {
			var date = new Date();
			var hour = date.getHours();
			return this.hours[hour];
		getColor: function() {
			var date = new Date();
			var hour = date.getHours();
			return this.colors[this.hours[hour]];			
		getGradientColorStops: function() {
			var date = new Date();
			var hour = date.getHours();
			return this.gradientColorStops[this.hours[hour]];
		paint: function() {
			var ctx = this.context();
			var gradient = ctx.createLinearGradient(0,0,this.width,this.height);
			var colorStops = this.getGradientColorStops();
			for (var i=0; i

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