Aug 042011

XKCD 353

XKCD 353

There are a few spots left in our Introduction to Programming. Taught by our very own Kellbot!

Learn basic programming concepts in this introductory class. This class is aimed at people who have never programmed before, and we’ll start by learning our way around Python. We’ll cover data types, control flow statements, and a few common libraries used to write programs.

Sign up for this class at EventBrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1865053425

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Jul 212011

We’re havin’ a heat wave. A tropical heat wave. No worries, Resistor has awesome AC! (by awesome, I mean BIG AC)

Come learn from our resident expert designer, Astrida, how to rapid prototype your idea with our 35Watt Epilog laser. The class will take you from idea to finished cut parts. You’ll learn what you can cut, how much it costs, and get an idea of the overall cost of your project. Afterwards, you’ll be authorized to use the laser on Craft Night and Laser Night for generating your awesome ideas.

Register at EventBrite here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1805174325

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Jul 212011

Learn HTML/CSS at NYC Resistor this Saturday.

We have chilly AC to keep you and your laptop cool in the forecasted heatwave. You’ll learn basic HTML and CSS mark-up using Aptana to edit and preview your work. No need to fork over $400 to Adobe. You can be coding your internet IPO Saturday afternoon.

We just got a fresh shipment of Club Mate, so you can code ’til you can’t keep your eyes open.

Register at EventBrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1865061449

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Jul 132011

You can create a magical box that could hack any heating appliance and tell it how to raise the temperature (up to .1 degrees accuracy).
All of the top restaurants in the world use sous vide to make make sure their proteins are perfect. It is a brilliant cooking strategy for so much more than that and it has been hailed as the next microwave.

Come and make your own sous vide machines with Arduino based technology. Experienced food hackers, Q and Abe, from LowerEastKitchen.com, QandAbe.com, and MeatJacuzzi.com, will be your teachers. In our class we will guide beginners from soldering to hacking their own appliance. Snacks will be served and eggs will be provided as your first sous vide meal.

Stay for an hour or the full class— it’s just $20! Additional costs are the kits if you should decide to make one and an appliance of your choice, we highly recommend The Professional Series 30 cup coffee urn (you can buy it from Kmart). Kits are available for $80.

Q and Abe are experts in the field of DIY Sous Vide and Open Source Technology. Their invention and foods have been featured on FoodGawker, CNN, and TasteSpotting.

Link to this EventBrite class.

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Jun 082011

99 bottles of beer

We’ve been honored to have John and Douglas of BrewShop teach beer making at our space. They’re growing in great ways, and can use our help.

City BrewShop is building an all-grain 30 gallon brewing system at their new beer making headquarters in New York City. 30 gallons — that’s a fish tank full of hopped goodness.

They’re less than $1,000 away from their goal of $4,000. Give $25 to help them get set up and receive a commemorative glass from which you can proudly drink your brew. There are other giving levels, too. Some include classes and VIP access to the space and events.

These two guys are amazing dedicated beer craftsmen. Let’s help them out.

Here’s a link to their Kickstarter campaign: http://kck.st/jDTiJe

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Jun 022011

Freeduino board and parts

This Satuday, June 4th, from 12-3 pm we’ll be having one of our periodic, super-awesome Arduino and soldering 101 classes!  You’ll learn to solder!  You’ll learn to program!  You’ll learn to use microcontrollers!  In fact, you’ll walk out the door twenty times more talented and amazing than you were when you walked in– and you’ll take a an Arduino-compatible board you assembled yourself with you.

In this four hour class you’ll:

  • Solder together a Freeduino board (an Arduino Duemilanove-compatible board)
  • Learn how to program it using the Arduino environment
  • Wire up several circuits and load up code to read sensors and light LEDs
  • Understand variables, functions, and basic Arduino functionality
  • And more!

When you leave, you’ll have a micro-controller, a mini-USB cable and a few programs to play with.

You’ll need to bring a laptop with the Arduino environment installed. It’s available for all platforms at http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software. (If you don’t have access to a laptop, please drop us a line at contact@nycresistor.com ahead of time and we’ll try to find a spare for the day.)

The class will be taught by NYC Resistor members Raphael Abrams and Ari Lacenski.  Sign up here!


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Feb 222011

Come learn how to solder your first Arduino this Thursday night!

This is your friendly introductory class to soldering and micro-controllers.  In this three-hour class we will:

  • Solder together a Freeduino board (an Arduino Duemilanove-compatible board)
  • Learn how to program it using the Arduino environment
  • Wire up several circuits and load up code to read sensors and light LEDs
  • Cover variables, functions, basic Arduino functionality
  • Show you how to get more help in the future for all your projects

When you leave, you’ll have a micro-controller, a mini-USB cable, a power supply and a few programs to play with.

Please bring a laptop with the Arduino environment on it.  It’s available at http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software.

The class will be taught by NYC Resistor members Mimi Hui and Max W.

You can sign up for this class at EventBrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1235757183

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Feb 122011

Our drink-serving slot machine bar robot is featured on p. 83 of the March 2011 Popular Science. The BarBot was our entry in a Hackerspace Challenge sponsored by VIMBY and Scion.

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