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Jul 132011

You can create a magical box that could hack any heating appliance and tell it how to raise the temperature (up to .1 degrees accuracy).
All of the top restaurants in the world use sous vide to make make sure their proteins are perfect. It is a brilliant cooking strategy for so much more than that and it has been hailed as the next microwave.

Come and make your own sous vide machines with Arduino based technology. Experienced food hackers, Q and Abe, from,, and, will be your teachers. In our class we will guide beginners from soldering to hacking their own appliance. Snacks will be served and eggs will be provided as your first sous vide meal.

Stay for an hour or the full class— it’s just $20! Additional costs are the kits if you should decide to make one and an appliance of your choice, we highly recommend The Professional Series 30 cup coffee urn (you can buy it from Kmart). Kits are available for $80.

Q and Abe are experts in the field of DIY Sous Vide and Open Source Technology. Their invention and foods have been featured on FoodGawker, CNN, and TasteSpotting.

Link to this EventBrite class.

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