Feb 222011

Come learn how to solder your first Arduino this Thursday night!

This is your friendly introductory class to soldering and micro-controllers.  In this three-hour class we will:

  • Solder together a Freeduino board (an Arduino Duemilanove-compatible board)
  • Learn how to program it using the Arduino environment
  • Wire up several circuits and load up code to read sensors and light LEDs
  • Cover variables, functions, basic Arduino functionality
  • Show you how to get more help in the future for all your projects

When you leave, you’ll have a micro-controller, a mini-USB cable, a power supply and a few programs to play with.

Please bring a laptop with the Arduino environment on it.  It’s available at http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software.

The class will be taught by NYC Resistor members Mimi Hui and Max W.

You can sign up for this class at EventBrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1235757183

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