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Jan 072014


This weekend at NYC Resistor we are teaching a class on the BlinkyTape. If you’ve been wanting to make a project that incorporates LEDs and custom lighting, then this might just be the class for you!  BlinkyTape is one of the easiest ways to make interactive lighting installations, so this is a great class for makers of every level.

Bring your laptop and we’ll teach you how to create your own animations and patterns using your BlinkyTape. A BlinkyTape, usb cable, and power supply will be included in the class fee.  Which is amazing!

There are a few seats left so sign up now for this exclusive executive tour of this luxury LED lighting solution!

OMG first post for 2014!



Mar 232011

All Your Bulls Are Belong To Us - Spectrogram

Listen up, golddigga! We got some puzzles from Red Bull to solve. We found a secret room. That was fun.
-… -.–   – …. .   .– .- -.– –..–   .. – …   … .–. . .-.. .-.. . -..   -… .-.. . – -.-. …. .-.. . -.–   .–. .- .-. -.- .-.-.-

Update: Added a better version of the spectrogram.