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Mar 232011

All Your Bulls Are Belong To Us - Spectrogram

Listen up, golddigga! We got some puzzles from Red Bull to solve. We found a secret room. That was fun.
-… -.–   – …. .   .– .- -.– –..–   .. – …   … .–. . .-.. .-.. . -..   -… .-.. . – -.-. …. .-.. . -.–   .–. .- .-. -.- .-.-.-

Update: Added a better version of the spectrogram.

  9 Responses to “Peel the foam, hack the planet”

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  1. So, this foam, it peels?

    • uhhh… i think that’s the point… or better yet, create your own game, that is, if you’ve got the skills!

      this is the best 8-bit console i’ve ever seen… brilliant. but when do we get a 2-player version?!

      thanks Red Bull!!!

      • if you check out the Uzebox AVCore schematics, it is fairly easy to gang on a second controller. most of the lines are daisy-chained, but you’ll have to pull a select line for the second controller off the Atmega. Rickroll FTW! Thanks #rbcreation !

      • well duh, and there was me thinking it was an advertising campaign for a soft drinks company…


  3. Am I the only one frustrated about being unable to decipher that Morse Code message?

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