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Pseudonymous Identities with TAILS Workshop on September 10

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Aug 182017

NYC Resistor is offering a TAILS workshop on Sunday, September 10th, where attendees will learn how to keep a secret online identity in a USB drive. This pragmatic workshop is designed for journalists, activists, or anyone else interested in digital pseudonymity. Participants will learn how to set up a subpoena-ready “rogue” Twitter account, as well as general operational security practices, from our member David Huerta. Get your tickets here!

TAILS is an operating system that will let you keep a secret online identity in a USB drive. Aside from its worst-case-scenario-protection security design, TAILS routes all internet traffic through TOR, a global anonymity network, which allows anyone to use the internet without correlating what you do on the internet to your daytime identity.

Our elevator is broken :(

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Jul 132017

PSA to Craft Night guests: our elevator is not working tonight. Apologies to anyone who needs it.

We’re open for Craft Night

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May 292017

Holidays? What holidays! Resistor will be open as usual tonight for Craft Night / Knit Knight.

Visitor projects: the most excellent blanket

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May 162017

Hey NYCR visitors – have you done something neat lately? Let us know, so we can blog about it!

Julia learned to knit in December at NYC Resistor. And then, uh….this blanket happened. Julia, you’re amazing. Students outshining their teachers, etc.

I can vouch for this blanket being extremely cozy. You’re looking at 30 skeins (6,540 yards!) of yarn and 1,040 tails that needed weaving in. It comfortably fits three people.

If you want to make your own blanket, the Infinite Rainbow Throw pattern is free from KnitPicks.

Don’t know how to knit? Wish you had more knitting time? Join us every other Monday for our Knit Knight, 730pm-930pm. We’ll teach you – beginners get their first pair of needles free. (You don’t need to be as intense as Julia in order to attend Knit Knight, we promise.)

Motors class on February 25

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Feb 102017

We’ve got a motors class coming up on February 25th! Make Things Move: Intro to Motor Control with Arduino is a three-hour intro to the wonderful world of motors. From RC cars, Robot Arms, or 3D printers, this class gets you started learning how to use a variety of motors. Learn about the different types of motors and make them move! This class will combine a discussion of motors best-practices as well as hands-on experience controlling them with an Arduino. Ticket price includes all the supplies you’ll need (and get to take home!).

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

We’re open tonight

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Feb 092017

Come brave the snow and the cold, and join us for Thursday Craft Night – we’re still open as usual.

Advanced Laser-Cutting Class on March 5th

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Feb 052017

We have a new laser class coming up on March 5th! This advanced class is geared towards people who use the laser often and/or want to understand how to get the most out of the machine. Laser Cutting II: Optimize Your Laser Cutting will cover a variety of topics – from re-sequencing your artwork files in order to reduce cut time, to when to use different focus levels for specific cutting tasks.

Please note that you must have taken a previous laser-cutting class at NYC Resistor to qualify for Laser Cutting II.

Knit Knight is taking a break this week

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Feb 052017

Your Knit Knight teachers are taking the night off! Don’t worry – NYC Resistor will still be open as usual for Craft Night on Monday 2/6/17, so you’re still welcome to come and knit.

You can check our calendar or the EventBrite event for future Knit Knight dates.