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Dec 252017

We’re throwing a special NYE Craft Night at NYC Resistor!

A large drunk polar bear with a kabuki face painted on his stomach dances in the foreground while his friends, a llama, a panda, and a woman look on in amazement.

All usual Craft Night shenanigans welcome, whether that’s knitting/soldering/whatever projecting you want. We’ll be starting at 8pm and going til…whenever.

From left to right, a polar bear, a penguin, a panda bear, and a grizzly bear are dancing back and forth, flapping their hands near their face. The polar bear is wearing an apron and blue scarf. The grizzly bear is wearing a leather jacket, cross neckless and goggles

Bring your projects, bring your friends, most importantly – bring yourself.

87 3rd Avenue
4th floor
Brooklyn NY 11217

A polar bear in a blue belly dancer costume is dancing in front of a blue sand desert at night. A camel wearing a regal blue rug gazes at him from behind.

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