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Jul 312023

Intro to 3D Modeling in Onshape (free, cloud based software!)

Tickets on EventBrite for this Wednesday, August 9 · 6 – 9pm EDT class

In this class you will learn how to use Onshape, a free, intuitive, cloud based design software.

Onshape designs are great for:

3D printing

laser cutting


Metal casting

blueprints for projects

DIY projects, art, jewelry, furniture, robots, whatever!

Onshape is NOT great for:

Animation / video game design (Learn something like Blender for that)


  • Bring your laptop!
  • Create a free account at

The class will start with a one hour overview of the basic features of Onshape. You will follow along with me while we all create something together. The best way to learn is trial by fire so the last two hours of class you will create your own design. The class size is kept small so everyone can receive personalized instruction if they get stuck. You can design whatever you want so come to class with some ideas!


Your Instructor, Caleb Young:

I worked as a mechanical engineer out of college designing machine parts using software similar to Onshape. A few years ago I switched into software engineering and now build things as a hobby. I’ve built furniture, jewelry, 3D printers, laser cut maps, and converted a camper van! Onshape helped me with all of this so I’m excited to share my knowledge with fellow artists and builders!

This class is masks optional.

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