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Dec 142022

Pixels as Data: Touch Designer for Visual Artists

Tickets for this Sat, January 7 class are on EventBrite

No more need for numbers! This workshop will cover how we can work with TouchDesigner (a live rendering visual software) to create complex 3D visuals that are light(er) on your GPU through instanced geometry. We’ll learn how to turn pixel information into an interactive visual environment that responds to camera or video inputs or runs autonomously, and is great for immersive installations and concert visuals.

You are not expected to have any experience with TouchDesigner or 3D renders prior to this workshop (although it won’t hurt!) – we’ll graze through some beginner UI & how to at the top, but it’ll be quick so we have more time with the fun stuff! The class is designed with visual thinkers and artists in mind, and aims to make the software accessible to everyone.

You will need a laptop with TouchDesigner downloaded and ready to run. The non-commercial version is free and available here: . Please open the software before coming to ensure your laptop is able to run it without any strain.

This class will be taught by Evangeline Brooks (she/her). Brooks is a Toronto-based post-digital artist focused on artist community work. Her practice is informed by overlapping identities and seeks solace and pleasure, rather than resistance, in digital images cohabitating in our physical world. She works with TouchDesigner in creating digital visualizations for live performances, namely for ponyHAUS, a grassroots AV showcase, and Frequencies, a Toronto electronic music series, where she is the founder/co-host and in-house visual artist, respectively. Brooks holds a BFA from TMU’s School of Image Arts and has shown with TIFFxInstagram, Open Doors Toronto, and the Toronto Images Festival.

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