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Join us on Discord!

Oct 072021

tl;dr – We’re on Discord, and our public Slack is going away.

For some time, we’ve had a public Slack Team as well as a private, members-only one. In practice this has meant that our public channels have gone fairly underused since members and friends tend to hang out in different spots. We’re consolidating our realtime chatting in a public Discord, now open to anyone:

Please, join us! As always, our Code of Conduct applies just as much to our online spaces as well as physical ones.

We’re looking at giving special Discord roles to Friends of Resistor – you can sign up at Friends help us keep the space and community running, especially during COVID times where events and classes are particularly challenging.

Our public Slack instance will be archived and then deleted in the next couple of days, so please plan accordingly if you’re hanging out in Slack.

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