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Apr 122019

Reckoner+=Matthew return to NYC Resistor for a performance during the Interactive Show Friday 4/19:

Reckoner+=Matthew is a live performance project exploring interplay between analog and digital improvisation using sampled vocal chants, synthesizers and live coding to create beat music that rests on top of waveforms, probabilities and loop conditions. It comprises Sumanth Srinivasan and Matthew Kaney.

Reckoner+=Matthew grew as an act in the NYC live coding scene and have performed at Algoraves in the past, which emphasizes on performers typing code on stage to make improvised electronic music. The music, despite its unconventional process, retains elements of dance and pop music and indulges in danceable rhythms.

The 10th Annual Interactive Show: SOLAR PUNK

NYC Resistor’s Interactive Show returns for its 10th iteration. Our annual party and fundraiser invites hackers from around the region to show off their cool interactive projects with free beats and beers provided. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

This year’s theme is SOLAR PUNK. Just what is Solarpunk? It’s a genre, it’s a movement, it’s an imagining of a brighter, greener, future where both technology and society are more humane. Check out TVtropes and for a more detailed dive into what Solarpunk could mean. More projects to be announced soon. Keep checking the Resistor Blog and follow us on Instagram for previews!

Grab your tickets now!

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