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Jul 132015

We’ve added a whole bunch of Arduino classes to the calendar! The next one will be Intro to Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output, on Sunday July 19th. (Tickets here!)

All of these classes are designed to be introductory-level, so while we’ll assume some basic knowledge of programming (some familiarity with variables, loops, and arrays), no prior experience with hardware, electronics, or circuitry is assumed.

Over the next few months, here’s what we’re teaching:

All of these classes will cover a basic introduction to Arduino, as well as a more specific topic — how to control LEDs, for instance, or how to communicate over WiFi.

(Some of the tickets aren’t on sale yet, as we’re still working on finalizing class content.)

And then on December 6th, we’ll have an Arduino Hack Day, where you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to your own projects, with TAs on hand to help you make your projects a reality.

Tickets to the next class (next Sunday!) are on sale now.

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